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Internet Restrictions extends for crypto miners in Abkhazia

Internet Restrictions in Abkhazia include prohibiting access to internet sites for cryptocurrency miners. The Government of Abkhazia has taken the above step to ban activities related to the extraction of digital coins. The restrictions also limit the use of electricity and imports of any mining equipment in the Georgian Republic.

Internet Restrictions extends in Abkhazia for Crypto miners

Image Source:- JAM News

Government bans websites for local miners.

Abkhazia’s telecom and media spectators extend internet restrictions affecting crypto mining in the country. When we read articles that crypto is hitting the next level in countries like the U.S. or El Salvador, we feel good. And when we read articles about banning cryptocurrency, I feel we all are lagging at some point or the other.

Since the beginning of the article, the restrictions that we have been discussing extend till March 3, 2022. So, there will be no crypto mining till then. Also, there was a ban regarding the same in December 2020. But, this June, the restrictions were taken away, which was good news for only a few months.

But as per few documents, On October 6, internet providers should implement different technical measures which would block websites. However, for the time being, Government did not announce that they are on the list of restricted websites.

Internet Restrictions extends in Abkhazia for Crypto miners

Image source:- Bitcoin News

More about Internet Restrictions…

When the reporters were speaking to Sputnik Radio, the committee chairman, they found out there would be restrictions on VPN services. The Government takes the above step because people are smart. And once they restrict websites, people would use VPN services to access those websites, and IP addresses won’t be traceable. Additionally, he informs that those platforms are their next target. They did not give many details, but they did mention that the fighting against mining is actual and it will reach a completely different level.

The Government is already in the process of having their hands on equipment that will ban websites and VPNs. The spectators announce that restrictions on VPN platforms will take place soon, by October 11.

Earlier this year, reports say that Abkhazia is holding talks with Russia to solve the problem of electricity consumption. The Minister of Economy of Abkhazia even says that they plan to organize additional supplies from the Russian Federation. So, maybe later, there would be a chance for miners to mine again because they are also thinking of setting facilities where miners can legally install their equipment for mining.

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