Digital Consumption at an Astounding High amongst Child Users in India: Nischint


  • 33 Lakh objectionable sites blocked on child devices by Nischint
  • 16 Lakh GPS Fences Set By Parents To Monitor Kids’ Locations
Nischint, one of the leading parental guidance and child monitoring companies in India, has released interesting data to gauge the extent of digital consumption amongst kids in India. The figures revealed fascinating data regarding mobile usage amongst children between 5 to 17 years of age.
According to data sourced from 14000 family devices (7000 parent devices and 7000 child devices), kids converse with as many as 45 people by making calls each day, which lasts for about 0.32 seconds on an average. The number of SMS messages sent from a child device is an astonishing 18 whereas each kid receives about 20 promo messages per day. These figures throw light on an eye-opening trend that digitally savvy kids are susceptible to a plethora of cyber-attacks and it is imperative for parents to ensure an enjoyable yet secure digital experience for their children.
The data trends were observed for a period of 90 days from February to April 2015, and revealed some intriguing findings. The highlights of the study are mentioned below:
·         Peak Hours when kids make calls on their devices: 7 to 8PM
·         Peak hours of application usage: 5 to 8 PM
·         Average no. of images taken per child device each day: 5
·         Average no. of videos taken per child device each day: 1.5
·         Average time spent per hour by a child on the internet: 40s to 1 min
·         Average hours spent by kids on social media sites like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube: 3.4 Minutes
·         Most used sites on the internet:,
·         Most popular apps downloaded: Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, NDTV, FIfa 15, Candy crush, Learn to draw Lego Ninjago, GTA
Raghav Mimani, CEO and Co-founder at Nischint commented on the need for digital security and said, “The digital explosion in India and around the world is extremely exciting and kids and adults alike want to be part of this phenomenon. It is a great way to share knowledge and connect with different peers across the world. However, kids often fail to recognize and screen out hazards that the digital world poses. This has been reflected in the data we have procured for assessing digital consumption amongst kids.”He further added, “At Nischint, we are a firm believer in propagating the benefits of digital collaboration but we also stand by the need for parents to provide the digital aids by securing the devices they possess.”
Nischint has constantly endeavoured to provide a secure solution for parents to monitor their kids’ activities and protect them from cyber-crimes. The app has received more than 20,000 downloads, out of which 4000 users access the app on a daily basis and 7000 users access Nischint every two days and ~ 10,000 users access this data atleast once a week. Most of Nischint’s traffic comes from the Delhi NCR region and is followed by Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.
Nischint has engaged with telecom operators around the world and is now in the process of integrating its award winning solutions for telecom operators in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.
It also envisions working with schools in India and catalysing the safe use of tablets in classrooms 
Nischint began with a simple idea: everyone, especially our children, women and elderly should be able to use a mobile device safe from threats and disruptive influence. We’ve been rethinking mobile assurance ever since. From a revolutionary “Nischint for Parents and Kids” to “Nischint for Women and elderly”, we want to help the entire community rediscover the use of mobile devices, assured that we can protect them from dangers that lurk in the online and physical world. The story is rapidly expanding with our ultimate goal of creating the most advanced open platform that adds new and interesting applications to keep up with the constantly changing threat landscape while making the experience immersive but safe. Our vision is to ensure the next 1 billion children are digitally secure. Launched in VAS ASIA on 11th July 2014, Nischint is a Hindi word which means “carefree” and we want to personify this by impacting the lives across the world. Nischint Technologies Limited, is a Digital Security company based in UAE.