Invesco announces Metaverse fund focusing on different scale startups
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Invesco announces Metaverse fund focusing on different scale startups

The investment management company Invesco announces a metaverse fund that will invest in startups. They will focus on companies that are focused in this sector and evaluate the company carefully before investing. Even though we don’t hear the Metaverse buzzword as much anymore, it is still a very popular sector among the crypto community. So, for institutional investors, this fund could be an easy way to bet on Metaverse’s future.

Invesco’s Metaverse fund

The investment management company will focus on small, medium, and large-scale startups in this industry. If we look at it a little more closely then, Metaverse also includes NFTs, play-to-earn games, AR, and much more. The fund will be managed by Tony Roberts, and the deputy fund manager will be James McDermottoroe.

Invesco announces Metaverse fund focusing on different scale startups
Image Source: Financial Times

Invesco is taking a major bet on Metaverse’s future, and it would either turn out to be their best investment of the decade or the worst one. Many analysts predict that the metaverse market could be worth more than $1.4 trillion by 2030. That is more than what the entire crypto market is valued at right now. However, I personally feel that the Metaverse wouldn’t take off as people will still prefer to live in the real world rather than a virtual one.

Some applications of the Metaverse can still become popular, like play-to-earn and NFTs. Samsung also entered this space a while back with its NFT ecosystem. Many other companies have also opened their stores in the Metaverse and released fan favorite NFTs.

Tony Robert’s on Invesco’s plans

Tony believes that we all understand the entertainment side of the Metaverse, and that is the easiest one as well. However, it will also majorly impact healthcare, logistics, sports, and education. So, the plan is to identify opportunities in this space “through a highly selective, valuation-conscious approach.”

There is no information yet on when the fund will be launched and who it will cater to. But considering they are an investment management company with over $1.4 T in AUM, it is likely going to only for institutional investors.

What are your thoughts as Invesco announces a metaverse fund? And do you think Metaverse has the potential to be a $1 T market by 2030? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you found our content informative, share it with your friends.

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