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Photo Credit: Unsplash

Investing in Las Vegas: The Best Casino Stocks (and what you should know about them)

Viva Las Vegas! The City of Sin is back, baby. After a calamitous 2020 and 2021, just like the rest of the world, the USA’s most famous gambling destination is once again bringing in cash from all over the world.

Moolah. Dineros. Pesos. Green. Wedge. Cheese. Cash money, baby!

Vegas has got loads of it flowing in the past year. So, how can you get your hands on some of that pie?

Well, there are a few key companies that now own most of Las Vegas’ biggest casino properties. And, if you’ve got the bank account to back it up, they might just be taking on more investors.

Photo Credit: Unsplash
Photo Credit: Unsplash

MGM International

Long considered the number one casino operator on the strip, you’ll struggle to find as many companies with as much liquid cash in 2022 as MGM.

However, that’s because they aren’t actually the biggest operator on the Vegas strip anymore.

Not after their $17 billion fire sale of late 2021, when they sold the land under 15 of their Vegas properties to VICI Properties – a New York investment firm that is also partnered with the second-biggest Strip operator Caesars’.

Not just the land though – they also sold the entire (and iconic) Mirage Casino Hotel & Resort to the Hard Rock International corporation for over a billion too.

That leaves them with some $11 billion in liquid cash. A tidy prospect for shareholders, then, eh?

MGM might not be the biggest operator in Vegas anymore, but they’re certainly going to be doing something with all that money – and we would bank on it making them even more in the long run.

Maybe their fast-growing MGM online business, or their long-proposed casino in Japan? Maybe they might even buy up one of the casinos on our list of fastest withdrawal online casinos NZ ? Who knows, but if you invest, you’ll surely be excited to find out.

VICI Properties

Once a spinoff of Caesars Entertainment, as of 2022, VICI properties is the biggest casino landowner in the world. They actually now own the land under 15 different Las Vegas properties, for which they will be extracting monthly rent, as well as other casinos like the Venetian and the Palazzo they rent out wholesale to other operators.

You’ve probably never heard of them – but if you believe in the Las Vegas dream, then VICI properties are currently your best investment bet as the city’s current custodians.


Although not the massive international icon they once were, after a string of bankruptcies, mergers, takeovers and rebranding – Caesars Entertainment could still represent a strong investment in 2022 and beyond.

They recently acquired the massively successful US online betting arm of British sports maker William Hill, and they still own a dozen casinos across America (and lease operate many more).

Their exact relationship to the strip’s largest landlord, VICI properties, is also legally complicated. So, if you put money into Caesars – you might also be by proxy investing in VICI as well, in a nice little two for one deal.

Hard Rock International

Although there’s been a Hard Rock branded casino in Las Vegas for like, ever, they were never actually owned by the Hard Rock International company.

MGM simply licensed the name and logo from Hard Rock. However, since The Seminole Tribe of Florida bought out the Hard Rock brand in 2007 the company has been busy buying up as many casinos as possible.

After MGM liquidated their Vegas assets in 2020, Hard Rock stepped in and bought the iconic Mirage. Set to be known as the Hard Rock Mirage, the entire site will be redeveloped into a massive guitar-shaped building, opening in 2024.

Hard Rock now owns two dozen casinos, 25 hotels and 180 cafés across the world, and has been growing every year since 2012. It seems like a good bet to us!