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IObit Screen Recorder – Record Everything for Free Without Time Limit and Watermark

Tired of paid screen recorder software with limitations for the record time? Sick of the default watermark but find no way to remove it? Jaded with lagging while HD recording?  IObit Screen Recorder has got all of these problems solved for you.

When it comes to a screen recorder, most people will first ask one question: Is it free? Someone treats a screen recorder as a mini tool to help them record something. Why should I pay for a mini tool? Someone takes screen recorder software as a part of their lives, especially for those who teach programming online. If it can not be used free of charge, they need to spend a lot of money monthly or yearly, as most screen recording applications will limit the record time if you are not a paid user.  

The recording world needs to be changed. People loving recording needs to be saved. That’s why IObit, a global software company, decides to develop a free screen recorder for users from all over the world. Experienced with developing easy-to-use software, the IObit team started immediately once they clearly figured out the main features of this new baby.

1. Free and Easy to Use

This software can be downloaded from their official site, without registration or any of your personal information required. After installing it, you can start to use it without your credit card standing by. It’s totally free. Just select the area you need to record, from the entire display to a small dialog box, and proceed.

2. Easily Add or Cancel the Default Watermark

Easily check or uncheck the “Add watermark to video” checkbox to decide if you need the watermark. All users can do this.

3. No Lagging While HD Recording

The IObit team knows that everyone wants a high-definition video. However, generating HD videos usually takes many resources of your computer so that you may feel lagging when recording. But the team achieves an average of 8% CPU utilization, making extremely smooth recording possible, after thousands of times of optimization.

4. Take Screenshots While Recording

It’s a common need to take screenshots while recording but not to break the recording thread, as there are such exciting moments that you may want to use as your video cover or upload it to your social media platforms. IObit Screen Recorder gives you the ability to do them at the same time, after overcoming the technical barriers between video & audio recording and screen capture taking simultaneously. 

5. Edit After Recording

A screen recorder is not complete without the feature of trimming and clipping. Thus, IObit Screen Recorder provides you with a basic edit function to trim both videos and audios. Every single frame is under your control.

6. Free Online Screen Recorder

 Not everyone wants to install a desktop-level application only for Windows. That’s why the IObit team created this free online screen recorder for their users. You just need a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to get a clean video without watermarks. The online version supports 3 modes: a full-screen recorder, a software window recorder, and a browser tab recorder. No matter which type you use, your screen videos will be saved in “WebM” format. 

The bottom line? No matter you are a teacher, a student, a programmer, a rapper, IObit screen recorder online or offline will be your best assist. Catch every moment of your screen to show a better you, a better world. IObit Screen Recorder – Far beyond Recording.



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