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IoT-enabled merchandising machine startup NutriTap raises Rs 2 Crore

Some of the well-known angel investors has now led a Rs 2 crore seed funding in the Gurgaon based Internet of Things enabled vending machine startup NutriTap.

The year-old startup offers healthy snacks and beverages to Hospitals, colleges, public, Airports, Corporates places through their completely digital IOT supported vending machines, which accepts all forms of digital payment.

“We are present in more than 50 premium corporate offices in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai. The seed money will help us quickly scale our vending machines to over 500 locations in top-4 cities,” NutriTap Chief Executive Rajesh Kumar said in a company-issued statement.

The NutriTap vending machines provide the customers a range of product coconut water, greek yogurt, millet based snacks, jiggery chana, and fresh juices, soya milkshake, and vitamin reinforced water, according to the report which has been revealed.

“Employees at such corporates spend 10-12 hours every day and often fall into the trap of poor eating habits leading to obesity and other lifestyle-related diseases. More than 70% of corporate employees suffer from such diseases majorly owing to the daily habitual junk snacking. NutriTap aims to provide a healthier snacking choice by making it accessible to them,” Kumar said.

“Ultimately, corporates have to take care of their employees. NutriTap’s wellness program and snacking options help reduce absenteeism and sick leaves, snack breaks. Also as being within the premise, NutriTap gives easy accessibility. On the macro front, companies save a lot,” Patni said.

Picture Credits: NutriTap



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