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iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 to feature in first of two Apple events



Apple is anticipated to announce its fall product through two events. One is only for the iPhone 13″ and the Apple Watch Series 7.’

The “iPhone 13” is mostly likely to form one of the leading items unveiled at that time and Apple will organize its own “California Streaming” event on Tuesday. Although there could be more than one event, rumors stated that in 2021 there would seem to be two.

Earlier on Sunday, Mark Gurman claimed the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inches MacBook Pro will be waiting for “many weeks” in his newsletter. The comment of the newsletter was made by Gurman on Twitter.

“There will be two events,” Gurman declared late on Sunday. In terms of what will be shown, Gurman says “I’d expect the latter to be Mac + iPad. iPhone/Watch Tuesday.”

Rumors have suggested that two Apple events will take place in autumn and spread the release timetable for several weeks. In September itself, two Apple events were even suggested and one was scheduled late in the month to meet the mid-month event.

This is not Apple’s first choice for its product debuts at many events. Apple separated its traditional event in three different events, conducted in successive months, in 2020 as a requirement for the COVID-19 pandemic and the very huge product slate.

Apple Watch Series 7Leaked render of Apple Watch Series 7

The watch series 7 and iPhone 13 are due to be launched by Apple on 14 September tomorrow.

The event will be held at 10 a.m. PT and can be seen on the Apple website. However, certain surprises were eaten away by leaks and the Apple Watch Series 7 now knows what to expect.

These are the seven highlights of hardware. Let’s look at a few characteristics that will appear, but may not appear until next year’s 8 Apple Watch Series.

  • Slimmer casing – It’s likely to be around 9mm thick. The current Series 6 model is around 20% thicker at 10.7mm.
  • Smaller screen borders
  • Larger screen
  • Higher resolution
  • Faster processor, potential 5G
  • Longer battery life
  • Better speakers
  • Not this year: Body temperature sensor, blood pressure



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