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IPL 2020: How And Where To Watch

The Indian Premier League is back! After being delayed for almost half a year (the 2020 season was originally planned to start in March this year), the 13th season for the prestigious Indian cricket league recently opened, albeit several changes and adjustments due to the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the major changes for this year’s season of the IPL was that all games would be played overseas, in the United Arab Emirates to be specific. This would mean two things: one is that Indians, who are among the biggest fans of cricket in the world, would not be able to see the game live and in person, and two, even those who are overseas or are capable of going overseas would still not be able to see the game in person since the games would be played behind closed doors.

However, things have not changed for people who are into cricket betting. No matter which country they are in. Since online sports betting is done completely over the internet, all you need is to make sure that you are betting legally through a legitimate online sportsbook. It would help, then, if you read reviews of the best betting apps you can go to.

In the meantime, how can you watch the Indian Premier League then? Here are the ways you can live stream IPL games, depending on where you live.

How to watch IPL Live stream in India

You can watch IPL 2020 live streaming in India through Disney+ Hotstar. You can get the service through either a Premium subscription for RS299 a month or a VIP subscription for RS399 a year.

How to watch IPL live stream in Australia

For Aussie cricket fans, they can watch the IPL 2020 live streaming in Australia through Foxtel or YuppTV. The IPL streaming is included in Foxtel’s Sports HD & Kids for AUD 79 while YuppTV is charging AUD24.99 a month for a subscription. 

How to watch IPL live stream in the United States and Canada

If you want to watch the IPL 2020 live streaming in the US, Hotstar US offers the live streaming of the games, and it is included in their $49.99 yearly plan. Hotstar Canada also offers the same plan for CAD49.99.

How to watch IPL live stream in the UK

For those in the UK and Ireland, the IPL 2020 can be streamed live through Sky Sports Now TV (UK) and Now TV Ireland (Ireland). Regular subscriptions for both services are needed to watch the games.

How to watch IPL live stream in South East Asia

For Malaysia and Singapore, YuppTV will also stream the IPL 2020 live. The streaming service will also make the option available for fans living in Continental Europe and South America.

How to watch IPL live stream in the Middle East and Africa

SuperSport remains to be the official streaming partner of the IPL for South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. On the other hand, Pakistan once again was excluded in the countries where it will be streamed.

How to watch IPL live stream in the rest of the world

If you do not live in any of the countries that were mentioned above, there are still ways for you to legally stream the IPL games live without resorting to illegal and unauthorized means. First off, you can use a VPN that connects through a proxy to any of the above-mentioned countries and pay to stream the IPL through any of the legal means.

Additionally, you can inquire to your local cable or streaming provider and see if any of them can offer a pay-per-view option for you for an IPL live streaming.



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