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All About Types Of Unsecured Loans And How To Get A Lainahakemus

Applying for loans has never been this easy since the advent of online lending platforms such as Zmarta. Still, many don’t see loans as a means of financial support especially when traditional lending institutions require collateral. People are closed off to loans when their valuable assets need to be put on the line. This isn’t so with unsecured loans. 

Below are facts you should know about this loan and its main categories, along with how you can get a lainahakemus with Zmarta

Online Unsecured Loans 

Don’t let the term “unsecured” stop you and let you think that this isn’t worth getting into. An unsecured loan simply means that it’s a kind of debt which does not warrant collateral. According to its strict definition, a “collateral” is a repayment that one pledges and commits to offering in the event that recompense for a loan is unmet. That, or when the loan itself defaults. 

Collaterals are lenders’ guarantees that they will be paid with an asset close to or equal to the amount that is lent and transferred to the borrower. That said, an unsecured loan is the exact opposite of this. Lenders that have unsecured loans in their roster usually only require that your creditworthiness be proven in paying-capacity through your current financial standing. 

Types Of Unsecured Loans (Through Zmarta)

Consumer Credit Loans 

These are loans that are typically directed towards what’s called “major purchases.” These include home or commercial renovations, car purchases, and the like. Consumer credit loans, though sometimes used interchangeably as “personal loans”, are short-term investments.

Finnish individuals, families, and small business frequently apply for consumer credit loans because along with these come instalment repayment conditions. You will not be required to pay off your debt in a lump sum. Instead, the remuneration will be stretched out across a timeframe (the timeframe itself will vary upon lenders’ discretions plus the loan amount to be availed), usually with fixed caps and interest rates for each month. 

Holiday Credit 

The term alone tells you exactly what it’s for— holiday credits are there to finance your travels without putting a strain over your regularly allotted budget for essential expenditures. You won’t have to “tighten” your belt in order for you and your family to hop on that cruise over the weekend. Or that excursion at that family resort to celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, or a promotion. 

Certain lenders even extend the ceiling for these loans up to 60,000 euros in cash. Talk about a lavish vacation that you and your family deserve! We all know that travels across Europe, and abroad are heavy on the pocket. Add to that the travel expenses not included in transportation/ ticket prices. With this budget at hand, you’ll definitely be able to journey on comfortably. 

And if you think that that’s way too opulent for your taste, you can always opt for a loan that’s suited to your income and to the actual amount you need. 

The beauty of travel loans is that the repayment period can go for years. Although most, if not all, borrowers who take out holiday loans opt to settle their debt faster (a matter of months). Why? Because they think ahead. This isn’t the only vacation they have in mind, so paying off these loans early to be able to apply for another one soon is wise budgeting. 



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