Iran will now use cryptocurrencies for imports and trading

Iran will now use cryptocurrencies for imports and trading, said Industry Mines and Trade Minister of the country, Reza Fatemi Amin. It has become one of the first countries to do so and shows the potential crypto has in worldwide trade. Iran is using crypto in order to bypass the financial sanctions that were implied by the United States. They have been cut off from the Swift banking system, making it difficult to make international transactions.

Iran’s new plans with cryptocurrency

The country has thought everything through and is going all in on cryptocurrencies. Sanctions imposed by the United States made the authorities stop using the USD and Euro altogether. So, the primary way they are going to make imports and exports is with crypto. They also planned to mitigate all the issues related to crypto and have designed a licensing structure.

Iran will now use cryptocurrencies for imports
Image Source: Bitcoin News

Iran has already made an import of $10 million by paying with cryptocurrencies. It allowed them and the other party to easily bypass the sanctions imposed by the US and other countries. This shows that cryptocurrencies give countries an option not to be controlled by the United States and other big countries.

Soon, Iran will start using crypto and smart contracts widely for trade with select countries. And I am optimistic this marks the beginning of using crypto for international trade and a fall in the dominance of the dollar.

Iran’s crypto regulation

The Central Bank of Iran has banned the trade of cryptocurrencies for people in the country. This seems like quite the sharp opposite of what they have done recently. But this regulation has been there since 2019, and businesses are allowed to pay for imports using crypto.

They have also been strict with miners and have seized nearly 9000 mining devices in the past 6 months. Miners hog a lot of electricity, causing power shortages in the country, and since these are not registered, it causes unplanned power cuts. But it feels like they will soon make trading legal after bringing laws that make it safe for citizens to do so.

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