Apple says iPhones records interactions with Siri
Apple says iPhones records interactions with Siri Image Credits: ShutterStock


On a beautiful evening of 2nd March, someone decided to make the evening more cheerful. In a video by Francis Scarr, we get to witness a Russian father hammering an iPad because he was pissed at the US sanctions over Russia and wanted to take revenge, and ironically, he could only think of this method-perhaps more violent than Putin himself. The video got almost two million views and in addition to that, 800+ retweets and around 5k likes in just 4 days. As we know-it is always stupid things that get viral on the internet. This could probably be a stunt to seek attention on Twitter.

In the same video, we see later, the father ordering his son to do the same, and as asked son starts hitting the iPad with the hammer. The video is not in English vocabulary instead, it is in the Russian cultural language. Therefore, we got you the translation but before that check out this stupid but funny video by yourself.

According to reports, he is hammering Apple and telling the company that this is our response to your official ban. At the same time, he said that we do not want these modern things of yours, we can live without them. Now my son will also break it.

This 30-second video is now making everyone question the IQ of Russians. Financially speaking, burning or doing any damage to an already bought product is not going to do any harm to the company as one has already invested his/her money on to them. Culturally speaking, these kinds of actions can create chaos in society as they have the capability to influence other people to do the same. Here are some of the replies by Twitter users.

The user, houseofmichele, mocks the man by saying the video is recorded by Iphones because of the popularity of iPhones in the market. He tweets, “Man beats iPad with hammer as he records it with his iPhone”.

All of this anger is shown because of the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia as Russia captures Ukraine causing a mass number of killings. As in any war, there are supporters and there is opposition. The United States comes under opposition as it imposes a number of sanctions on Russia for invading a free country. Apple, being an American company supports these sanctions and recently announces to cut in the shipping of Apple hardware and also its products like iPhones, iPad, and Mac. Apple has given its support to Ukraine in this war.