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“Is a Paid Beta tester” – Early Access Player’s reactions to Kerbal Space Program 2
With a “Mixed” review rating on steam Kerbal Space Program 2 has disappointing early access

Kerbal Space Program 2, the sequel to the first Kerbal Space Program has recently been released as a public paid early access game on stores like Epic Games and Steam. Steam is already well known for its eccentric community of reviewers, from average joes to professional gamers. In this article we have compiled some of the reviews from Steam and beyond to give you, the reader, an overview of how Kerbal Space Program 2 is holding up to the expectations of gamers.

Credits – Steam

Firstly, the system requirements for Kerbal Space Program 2 are a tad on the high side. With a 3.5 GHz processor, 12GB ram and a 2060 as just the minimum system requirement listed to run this game, most gamers cannot play this game. However, those who can have also reported multiple issues:


Performance Issues:

Plenty of people have the right hardware to meet the system requirements for this game, this is where everything comes down to optimization on the developer’s part. 


15 fps on a 3080 during launch just isnt good enough for £50. For all the “IS EARLY ACCESS” bros – they should be charging early access prices.” said a reviewer on Steam.


Surely there’s a reason why my 3080 is at 100% and 90% vram while on the lowest settings in the middle of the ocean in a tiny plane.” said a reviewer on Steam.


This game is not recommended for anyone with less than a supercomputer. probably wont be worth it for months. avoid until reviews become mostly positive” said a reviewer on Steam.


The key takeaway seems to be a question, with such cartoonish graphics how does this game manage to perform so bad?, well the answer is that the physics in the game is highly realistic, albeit it’s impressive to attempt this but the cost that was paid seems immense, many performance patches and updates are requested and expected  before the game goes out of early access.


Gameplay Issues:

It’s just not ready yet, even for the limited feature set promised. Half of what is in the game is buggy or just completely broken. Come back in a year and maybe it’ll be worth a shot. But in this state it isn’t, and $50 is a slap in the face.” said a Steam reviewer.


There is nothing in the game as of the Early Access launch. A tutorial, and free building rockets. There are currently no re-entry physics or atmospheric pressure, so while you have access to a bunch of rocket parts, you have nothing to really test them against.

I’m a super fan with 300+ hours in thee first KSP, so this was an instant purchase for me, but most people are definitely gonna want to hold off until it gets some more features.” said a Steam reviewer.


“I really didn’t want to have to say this, but just go play ksp 1 for three or four months and see how this is doing then. It’s a pretty, but buggy, shell of what ksp 1 is. Even without mods. Even ignoring the lack of several major features (campaign mode, any of the promises made during the hyped last three years), the current state is genuinely just as empty as the earliest versions of KSP 1, just with a worse UI. (The UI has the potential to be better, but it’s FAR too cluttered and hard to read to be considered better yet)” said a Steam reviewer.


This game is a dumpster fire. I don’t know wtf they’ve even been doing all this time but as it stands they’ve managed to use the same graphics engine to make a worse version of the game and charge full price for it. I feel like an idiot.” said a Steam reviewer.


“When they said that this was early access, they MEAN early access. In its current state, it seems like a push from the publisher to start getting any ROI instead of the developer. The current state of gameplay is basic and less than what is currently in KSP 1. I can see that there is potential for them to bring it around with future updates, but as it currently stands, it seems pretty thin.” said a Steam reviewer.


When we look at the gameplay Kerbal Space Program 2 also seems to disappoint. Majority of the complaints are because of no training or tutorial and no gameplay, many players have encountered bugs and issues in the first minutes of the game.