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Is Infosys with ‘anti-national’ forces? RSS-linked journal sparks a flurry of responses on Twitter.

Infosys has yet again made it to the trending list on Twitter and for all the wrong reasons yet again. Seems like the company is finding it difficult to detangle the chain of controversies that have been following it for a while now. However this time, Infosys is not completely on the wrong side as there is some amount of public support and sympathy flowing in following the allegations made by Panchajanya, a journal affiliated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh(RSS). In its latest edition, the weekly has alleged that the reason behind the misfunction of the portal and other glitches might be because Infosys is with “anti-national” forces. The allegation has brought forth sharp criticism. It seems like people are not ready to take in everything said and done without the least bit of thought (or way too much thought).


The What and Why

Infosys has been in the news for some time now owing to the persistent glitches in the e-portal and their failure to address that efficiently. Not so long ago, people had made their disappointment evident on Twitter as they called out the leading corporate over its inability to deliver efficient service. Questions were also raised as to why such crucial jobs were assigned to them after multiple failures.

Although the disappointment over their failure to carry out their job was real, not everybody is pleased with the article in the RSS-linked journal that alleges that Infosys might have “anti-national” relations. Truth be told, “might” is an understatement here as the editor of the weekly stood by the claims made in the article and there was no hint of confusion. The article even went on to suggest that the continuous failures on the part of the corporate might be a deliberate effort made to stump the growth of the company’s economy. This is not the first time that the journal is heaping allegations although before it was largely limited to individuals and small organizations.

The allegation made is rather sensitive and RSS might have got a whiff of that. Which explains why those at the helm of the party have come forward to disclaim what has been written in the article. Before making allegations about relations with anti-national forces, RSS must take some time out to check their inner relations. Because the fact that Sunil Ambedkar, RSS spokesperson, has disclaimed the allegations made while the editor f the journal continues to stand by the report is rather conflicting. Take a look at the tweets.

Now here is the counter-strike by Hitesh Shankar, the editor of the journal.

Now let us take a look at what the netizens think about all these.

Perspectives are always different.

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