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Is the current Bitcoin rally over? Let’s see what’s next!

After Bitcoin got rejected from $45k and broke below $44k, it ignited the candle of doubt among investors once again. But there is actually no need to worry because the price action seems quite strong. Bitcoin is currently trading above $43k now, and the support is holding up. We could soon move past $44k again and attempt to retest $45k. So, is the current Bitcoin rally over? Not yet! A few things need to happen for it to break below $40k again.

The recent Bitcoin rally

Is the current Bitcoin rally over?
1-hr Bitcoin chart,

As you can see from the 1-hour Bitcoin chart, there is strong resistance at the $43k level. It has given support to Bitcoin’s price multiple times and needs to hold for us to retest $45k again. There is also the EMA 100, which is very important support. You can also note in the chart that whenever the price of Bitcoin drops below this support, the correction extends for quite a while. A trendline is also forming, and in case the $43k support breaks, the $42k level is bound to provide some support with this trendline.

On the upside, Bitcoin first needs to break the $44.5k resistance and then the $45k resistance. Clearing both these levels could push the price of Bitcoin above $45.5k and then $46.5k. They will act as significant resistance, and only on breaking this will the price actually start to take off.

So the important thing to note here is only if the $43k support, the trendline, and the EMA 100 breaks we could say the short-term rally is over. Until then, hold tight, and we might soon see new levels.

Buying time?

There is a good chance of breaking below $43k and retesting $42k before moving up. Therefore, waiting patiently for the right time would be a better choice. There isn’t much push from the $43k support, and there are signs that we could break down. If you still are having FOMO, then you can DCA at this level and have funds ready to buy at lower levels. Do your own research before buying.

Do you think that the current Bitcoin rally is over? And yes or no, what is the reasoning behind the same? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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