Is Twitter working on edit button? Social media abuzz after April 1 tweet

Twitter users have been waiting for an editing tool for a long time, and the firm decided to give them one on April 1.

“We are working on an edit button,” the microblogging site tweeted from its official account on April Fool’s Day, the traditional day of practical jokes and pranks.

Once approached for a comment, Twitter informed fact-checking site Snopes: “We cannot confirm or deny but we may edit our statement later.”

The message was met with scepticism by several social media users. reacted with a link to the “definition of unfunny” in response to Twitter’s April 1 post.’s verified account tweeted a link to the “Definition of Unfunny.”

On a day created for memes, it’s evident that netizens will not be mute. People have shared their thoughts about the day in the most entertaining way with a slew of jokes and memes that have filled Twitter.

Netizens have published a varied range of tweets, from informing fellow netizens about being pranked to posting posts on not cracking jokes that may be upsetting to some.

Here are some responses to twitter’s tweet –

One user retweeted a previous tweet by twitter.


Some people took it seriously and expressed their opinions on why an edit button should be added to twitter.

Whereas some people believed that it is difficult to do so.