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Is Xbox Cloud Gaming For Android Worth It?

Is Xbox Cloud Gaming For Android Worth It?

Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming offers an incredible catalog of games, it is not the best choice for every player. Streaming quality is limited to 720p, and not all devices are supported. To give you a better idea, here’s a quick overview of the best cloud gaming platforms.

All your progress is saved, whether you’re playing it on an Android phone, tablet, PC, or Xbox, so you can start right where you left off. Thanks to Microsoft Save to the cloud and sync it is as smooth as possible.

The first game I tried was Halo 5, and it worked peach-colored on the tablet. It went well but didn’t look as good as the Xbox One Series X. I have experienced a few minor connection problems, but nothing that would have been groundbreaking. When I played Ni No Automata: The Quest, the game went great.

Ultimately, I think Xbox Cloud Gaming is best treated as a complement to an Xbox console and not as a PC as the only portal to access brilliant games. Performance matters and the console material doesn’t feel optimized for a small screen, even though it’s the best part of 7 inches in size. I feel like it’s a good indie gaming machine, and as a bonus, I could get a playable taste of more industrious fare.


Xbox Cloud Gaming is available on Android devices and tablets. Note that it is not available in all countries with Xbox Game Pass. Xbox Cloud Gaming has been rolled out to iOS devices with a small workaround. It is currently available in 22 countries.

The plan is to have access to a library of games that can be played with Xbox Live Gold. When it comes to the new devices, you can launch games directly from the Xbox Cloud, just like on your PC. Xbox Cloud Gaming will also be available through the Xbox app, which can be accessed through a web browser.

The service runs on Microsoft’s [54] Azure Cloud Computing Center, which is hosted in over 140 countries. Xbox Cloud Gaming works on Android phones and tablets running Android 6.0 and 4.0. The service will work with touchscreen phones and Xbox controllers via Bluetooth.

Microsoft xCloud is currently not available on the iPhone because of Apple’s annoying app store requirements for game streaming services. However, it works with any Android device running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or 4.0 or higher that can connect to the controller.

Today, Xbox Cloud Gaming launched on Android in its beta form, which is available as part of the streaming app for alpha games. The process is simple, but there are a few fine details you need to be aware of to get started playing Xbox Cloud games on your phone. At launch, a total of 168 titles of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be streamed to your compatible Android device.

This is not necessary, but I would recommend some kind of clip-on for your controller on your phone so you don’t have to support your Android device. There are Android controllers on the market, such as the Razer Kishi, that work as wrapping for your phone, so you don’t need the clip itself.Xbox game pass

Once you have the items you need, you can play Xbox games on your Android device. Open the Xbox Game Pass app and select the Cloud tab on the home page to see which titles are compatible with xCloud. Indie favorites like Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Celeste, Dead Cells, Enter the Gungeon, Hollow Knight, Katana Zero, and Streets of Rage 4 told me they can play on the device. Select a track and tap Play to start the game.

It will take a few moments for your device to boot up the game on your device, but your stored data will sync your progress from your Xbox One or PC when you start the game. Go ahead and click on one and press Play on the next screen to see what’s there. Update, 15 September: Added more context to the launch of xCloud on 15 September 2017.

With just a few steps, you’re ready to stream Xbox games from the cloud to your Android device. Download the Xbox Game Streaming Preview app for your Android or iOS device from Google Play. Register for Project xCloud Preview and wait for the invitation email. Go to the Project xCloud section of the preview and log in using the account you used to register for the preview.

We need your help to make the Xbox Game Streaming Preview great. To achieve this, we need to understand your device and the game features. We collect information about your devices such as brand, model, carrier, and usage. We also collect your Gamertag information so you can play the Xbox Game Streaming Preview.

To sign up to participate in Project xCloud Preview, please visit / game-streaming. Invitations will be sent out several months after registration. Registration does not guarantee you access to the preview. Access to games in the preview will end as soon as the preview ends.

Before you do anything to try Xbox Cloud, learn how to try the Xbox Game Pass app here. Prior to the release of XboxCloud, this feature was limited to beta versions of the Game Pass apps on Android. This is no longer the case, but if you are looking for Game Pass on your phone in the Play Store, make sure that the stable non-beta version with a green background (not the one with a white background and its icon) is in beta.

Microsoft’s new iSTEMame API allows developers to detect when their game is being played in the cloud and enable special features. The basics of these features can be scaled well on a small screen, and it is possible to add more interesting features in the future.