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Israeli startup raises $18.5 million to train A.I with fake data

The funds will be channeled to the development of company’s R&D and to enter new markets.

Datagen Technologies, an Israel based startup, developer of simulated, privacy-by-design visual data raises $18.5 million led by Viola Ventures. Existing investors including TLV Partners and Spider Capital, apart from Michael J. Black of the Max Planck Institute, Anthony Goldbloom, CEO and founder of Kaggle, Gal Cheshnik, Director of AI at Nvidia, and Trevor Darrel, founder of UC Berkeley’s AI Research Lab.

The funds will be channeled to the development of company’s R&D and to enter newer markets.

Datagen Technologies are characterized by solutions of high-quality, realistic visual data that facilitates training of neural networks to identify and comprehend semantic objects captured in 3D scans and real world images.


Datagen was founded in 2018 by Ofir Chakon and Gil Elbaz. The startup is a Data as a Service (DaaS) platform. It serves as a human centered data generation platform for artificial intelligence. Datagen produces specific visual data as requested by customers, which in turn can be used to train the AI algorithms, ensuring perfomance of high efficiency. The synthetically produced data is made photo realistic with the aid of algorithms and a blend of graphic engines.

‘Human’ data things like body movements and skin textures are created by the solution, in addition to the entire environment built by emulating the statistical patterns in ‘real world’ data. Accuracy of the data is ensured by testing against the real world images.

Efficiency of the machine learning tools are taken up a  notch since the solution facilitates controlling the physics of the simulated environment. This enables the developers to work on compliance free data devoid of ethnic or gender discrimination, thereby facilitating them to efficiently work on applications that ensures that sensitive and personal data aren’t misused. This smoothens the road of progress and development of the product, allowing the company to keep up their pace with the development of artificial intelligence. It also guarantees a safe working ground for the startup without exposing their products to unnecessary risks.

Datagen’s team started with a total of 12 members, who are highly skilled and working on innovative plans for the future. The company, at present works with a wide range of companies whose prime focus is innovative and futuristic projects.  The recent investment is expected to give the company a speed boost, allowing them to widen their reach and to focus on innovative projects that increase the scope of the company’s highly responsive technology, thereby making artificial intelligence, a synonym for change and progress.




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