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Sony unveils the controllers for the upcoming PlayStation 5 VR headset

Sony revealed the controllers for the upcoming PlayStation 5 VR headset on Thursday. This has considerably added to the excitement of the PlayStation fans  who are in eager anticipation for the grand reveal.


The controller displays an orb shape that offers players a high level of freedom and ease. Technology from the PS5’s DualSense controller will be added to the PSVR2 controllers. According to the senior VP of platform planning and management at Sony Entertainment, the new design will be an iconic one that will change the way VR games are played.

The first details of the headsets were announced last February, listing qualities like higher levels of interactivity, performance and sense of presence. The headset, that requires just one cord to connect to the system will be a major upgradation to the existing PlayStation 4 VR headset.


Adaptive triggers are added to each controllers to create palpable tension when pressed, much similar to the feature in DualSense controller. This will magnify the gaming experience to the next level. The new controller seems to be focused on improving the visual and audio experience to an extraordinary level, especially with the optimized haptic feedback that enables an impactful gaming sensation. You will feel the change with the change in environment, whether it be a rocky desert or a combat session.

The controllers also enable natural gestures during the game with your hands, thanks to the finger touch detection.

The tracking ring added to the bottom of the controller enables the new VR headset to track the VR controller.

The controller also contains action buttons and analog sticks, with the new addition of ‘grip’ button which can be used for the pick up of in-game objects. An analog stick, triangle and square buttons, a ‘grip’ button (L1), trigger button(L2), and Create button are incorporated into the left controller, while the right controller sports an analog stick, the cross and circle buttons, a ‘grip’ button (R1), trigger button (R2) and Options button.

According to Hideaki Nishino,

“SIE’s Product, Engineering, and Design teams have collaborated to build our new VR controller from the ground up with a goal of making a huge leap from current-gen VR gaming. We’re thrilled with the controller we developed, but what matters now is how game creators will take advantage of the features to design the next generation of VR experiences.”

Though the developers are working on the early hardware, the launch of the next generation PlayStation VR won’t be in 2021. The actual launch date is yet to be announced by the company.





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