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Israeli startup uses artificial intelligence to enhance traffic safety

Car accidents are a major cause of concern these days, claiming a large number of lives on a yearly basis, globally. According to the World Health Organization, over 3700 people die on road in a day across the world. Addressing this concern was what led to the launch of the Israeli startup, Waycare.



Waycare marked its beginning in 2016 with the prime objective of eliminating one of the biggest problems in the world that is the reason for a majority of fatalities and life loss.

To achieve this end, the company set up a cloud-based software platform that facilitates the production of actionable insights by using artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. Insights concerning accidents and their prediction, irregularities in traffic, and incident identification can prove to be of substantial help in dodging potential accidents or fatalities. Data collected from a variety of sources like the existing transportation networks, navigation apps, weather forecasts, etc. is used by the startup’s technology.

According to Waycare CEO, Noam Maital, the company has been pooling its efforts and resources year after year, working on the same solutions with negligible or no success. However, with the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning, new doors were opened and the company was in a position to tweak around the idea of predictive analysis.

The highlight of the solutions created by Waycare is that they are customizable, and can be used as per the need of a variety of fields like law enforcement, traffic management centers, etc. The startup also promotes and supports cross-agency collaboration. The startup also wrote stories of success in adding automation to conventional traffic management infrastructure. Cloud infrastructure, connected vehicles, AI incident detection, etc are part of the model offered by the company.

The technology deployed by the company is hardware-agnostic and is not dependent on any physical devices. The company claims that the solution it provides is holistic and covers all angles and is not just focused on a single aspect.

The company collects relevant data from a multitude of sources, which is then pooled together to draw a complete picture of what is happening. The insights gained from these extensive sources are then used for the creation of operational tools that are based on deep learning-enabled machine learning.

The solution offered by the company is a good example of how artificial intelligence and machine learning can prove to be life-savers in certain situations. In a context, where AI is often viewed as a disruptive technology, innovations like the one adopted by Waycare throws light on the better part of the technology that can change the world for the better.



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