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Investors Pre-Order 1000s of Cyberlandr Before its in the Market
1000s of pre-registration, and Cyberlandr is 7-8 months away from its release.

Cyberlandr has become a yearning vehicle for buyers. As it is already sold out its initial discount price and it hasn’t stopped even the prize got higher. And it hasn’t stopped even when the prize got higher.

Tesla Cybertruck factory slated for May 2021 completion

Image Credits- The Driven

The idea of electric vehicles which is exactly like a moving house created a huge demand among the people.

The pre-orders started in early April, with the first 20 cost $40,000 and with the demand it raised to the retail price of $50,000. Steam It said there are more than 1,000 pre-orders from the customers in the first 15 days.

The dream truck

It’s every person’s dream to travel around the world. If not the world at least a long trip away from the all pressures. But the occupational duties on one side and availability of food and shelter when we go out on another side to make us think and plan.

But imagine, if a truck has a living room, kitchen, office room, bedroom, and a bathroom? How would it feel? A home. Where ever we go, we make our home with us. We may think that this is pure fantasy but fantasies are meant to be live with. Tesla made this real.

Furthermore, Tesla’s Cybertruck would be mostly available by the end of this year. While it is just 7 to 8 months away from production and deliveries. Surprisingly, third-party companies already started adding mods to the electric truck.

For obvious reasons, the idea amused the customers. Leading to pre-orders for the magical Cybertruck Cyberlandr camper have already passed $50 Million in revenue.

Las Vegas-based company names it Cyberlandr

Stream It, a Las Vegas-based analytics company designed a crazy mod that makes the Cybertruck a moving home. And they named it “Cyberlandr”.

Speaking about the Cyberlandr, Stream It, Inc. co-founder Bill French says,

“We believe the enthusiasm is a direct result of people envisioning how this new adventure vehicle can improve their lives. People are telling us of many new uses for both wilderness and urban adventures. For example, parents at athletic matches, or the ability to boondock and overland to places previously inaccessible to a traditional RV. We estimate Cyberlandr will be used 2-3 times more than traditional RVs because it is so easy to take with you.” 

He further said, “To produce and deliver high-quality products and to reach the demand, Stream It was working along with lean-manufacturing consultants Munro and Associates. Cyberlandr would manufacture in Texas the same place where Tesla planned to manufacture Cybertrucks.”



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