It is time for Kenya to “Netflix and Chill” as Netflix launches a free-tier plan in the country.

Netflix launches first of its kind free-tier plan in Kenya, particularly for Android. Seems like it’s time for Kenyans to get their popcorn ready since “Netflix and chill” comes without the otherwise mandatory key of payment or payment plan. The idea behind this brand new strategy is to open an opportunity for potential-paying customers to access about one-fourth of their content. And if the job is done right, they will be intrigued enough to pay for it in the future. Talk about wise investments! The best part of this new plan that adds to the allure is the fact that users don’t have to worry about persistent ads that destroy the whole vibe. No-ads definitely add to the possibilities of success!Netflix free-tier Kenya

Time to Netflix and Chill

The popularity of Netflix worldwide does not need an additional mention. With a generation that is always on the lookout for amazing content, Netflix will never go out of business. And with the pandemic opening up better business opportunities for OTT platforms, it is springtime for such businesses. And now, with this debut free-tier plan in Kenya, they are tapping into new sources that can generate customers.

Every business employs a spectrum of strategies to ensure success, profit, and more importantly, customer retention. To stay on top of the game, it is important to come up with new and innovative plans because business is one domain that runs on the age-old quote, “change is the only constant.” This free plan will help introduce Netflix to a community that is not particularly into the streaming platform. Free access would mean, more people will be ready to give it a try and if they are satisfied with the services, then they can go ahead and pay for it for future access. The customers don’t have to worry about advertisements or about providing any payment information. With those two headaches out of the picture, it will be much easier to navigate through.

As intriguing as the plan sounds, it is not without certain limitations. The users will be able to access only limited content in comparison to paying customers. The idea behind this is to give them a slight taste of the delicacy so that they come back for more. With the array of engaging shows and movies, “the coming back for more” wouldn’t be much of a problem. Also, the plan will be available only for Android users. Downloading episodes for offline viewing will also be not possible.

Searching For New Pastures

The reason why Netflix has chosen Kenya as the experimentation ground for its new strategy implies a quest for newer markets with growth potential. No matter how enticing a commodity is, there will always be a saturation point. For instance, even if you are extremely fond of chocolate ice cream, after about ten scoops you will be exhausted with it. The same goes for any commodity. Thus it becomes important to search for new markets with a potential for growth and profit. And when it is in a place that hasn’t tasted the sweetness of the services at all, the chances of success are ten-fold. It is not a secret that Netflix has been channeling its investments to new markets in the wake of a gradual growth slowdown in the US and other areas, particularly because of the rising competition from rival streaming services that are neck-to-neck in this race for the first place.

If things go according to plan, more people in Kenya can add a new activity to their weekend to-do list i.e, “Netflix and Chill.” And if that doesn’t happen, at least the free-tier will let them watch a good number of movies and shows, given their binging prowess is on point. Only time will tell, and for now, perhaps let us think about another binging session.