Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey and the interesting way his brain works.

Eccentricity is second nature to people with brilliant minds. Perhaps their wavelength is not on par with that of the normal world. This can be one of the reasons why some of the things said by them come off as rather absurd or non-sensical, but when you look a bit more closely, you can see the intricacies of a mind that is on “out-of-the-box” thinking mode most of the time.

Jack Dorsey
Jack Dorsey

Jack Dorsey is a name that is well known in the realm of technology, and with Twitter gaining impressive growth and popularity, the name has gotten all the more familiar. The CEO of Twitter began with a simple idea at the core, which later developed into a groundbreaking move with the addition of brilliant intellect and perseverance, the result of which has the potential to redefine the future, and the way people communicate and interact with one another. It would not be wrong to say that it is already redefining the ways in which we communicate and interact.

When the mind is brilliant, so are the words since they vaguely reflect the inner workings and thoughts. And thoughts define a person. When it is a person of importance, we become all the more interested in channeling our attention to those words. Here are some quotes by Jack Dorsey that are quite brainy, and sometimes a bit cryptic.

“My goal is to simplify complexity. I just want to build stuff that really simplifies our base human interaction.”

If you are in search of a brain twister, read the first line twice, and you will have one ready. Take your time and simplify that for great wisdom takes great patience.

“I fell in love with flora of all types, especially ferns. Loved the sparse structure and repetition of shape- almost fractal.”

You see flowers. He sees the structure and shape.

“I was fascinated with jeans, because you can impress your life upon the jeans you wear. The way you sit imprints on the jeans.”

If it was not Jack Dorsey saying it, then we could have openly laughed. But now, you don’t know if he is actually serious or in the mood for a joke. The man sure has fascinating ways of observing things. Nobody saw so much life and impression on jeans of all things.

“I am someone who tweets about what I have for breakfast, what I have for lunch, what I have for dinner, and for 99.99999 percent of the world, it’s useless. It’s meaningless. But for my mother, she loves it.”

Sometimes even the most complex minds are anchored to simplicity, and that is the core of their beauty. (Though Jack Dorsey’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner might mean a lot more than he gives credit for.)