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Jackson Palmer, Dogecoin creator calls Elon Musk “a gritter”

Elon Musk has been an ardent supporter of cryptocurrency but his decision to stop accepting Bitcoin payment for Tesla didn’t go down well with some. One of those people is Dogecoin co-creator, Jackson Palmer. When Elon made the announcement on Twitter he came out to slam him.

Palmer in series of now-deleted tweets lashed out at him. He said “Reminder: Elon Musk is and always will be a self-absorbed grifter.” He further tweeted that he would delete the tweet in the next one minute but Twitter users were quick to take screenshots. He further added and said “ps. SNL episode was cringe, bro”.

Elon Musk had appeared on the SNL on May 8 and after that Dogecoin fell sharply. He had made comments on Doge saying that “It’s a hustle”. Before SNL Doge was rallying to its highest ever market price. It fell sharply as the comments came.

His decision to stop accepting Bitcoin as Tesla’s payment was also not welcomed by the market. Bitcoin and Ethereum fell sharply after the announcement losing about 10% of their value.

Palmer had created the cryptocurrency Dogecoin with software engineer Billy Markus as a joke and is said to be not involved with cryptocurrency in many years. Billy Markus, the other co-creator doesn’t own any Dogecoin as he sold all he owned to buy a Honda Civic in 2015.

Palmer is not very active on social and rarely comments on the Doge or any other crypto for that matter. His post definitely came as a shock to his followers.

Musk’s steps have definitely been a shock to the cryptocurrency as he has been a pioneer in the steps to make crypto usage mainstream. Not only crypto but also a reduction in Elon’s net worth was also observed. He lost $27 billion in his fortune as Tesla’s shares tumbled.



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