Japan Joins Venture North Star

Project North Star was publicly released

7th September, 2018

Prior this late spring, we publicly released the plan for Project North Star, the world’s most exceptional expanded reality R&D stage. Like the principal chocolate cascade outside of Willy Wonka’s manufacturing plant, now the primary North Star-style headsets outside our lab have been conceived – in Japan.

A few inventive engineers and open equipment studios are moving open source endeavors, cooperating to make a disentangled headset in view of the North Star plan. Designer assemble exiii shared their experience on their blog alongside a construct control, which utilizes off-the-rack segments. Mystic VR Lab, the designers of VR imaginative stage STYLY, assumed responsibility of the product.

Together, Psychic VR Lap and exiii have been exhibiting their work at designer occasions in Tokyo. As of late we got up to speed with them.

Yamaura said “Our company originally started from 3D printing a bionic hand, and we open-sourced that project. So we’re generally very passionate about open-source projects. Our main focus currently is to create really touchable virtual reality experiences, but of course what we see in the future is augmented reality in the world, where virtual objects and physical objects coexist together. We want to make everything touchable, just like real objects.”

God Scorpion said “ I have a mixed reality team that is developing some ideas combining fashion, retail, performance and art. We’ve been working with Vive and Hololens, and wanted to see what else would be possible with North Star.”

Akihiro Fujii said “The North Star official demos and Hyper-Reality film by Keiichi Matsuda gave us a huge inspiration about the future of AR. I’ve been using the Leap Motion hand tracker for six years and know its precision. I was excited when I saw the news about the AR headset with the hand tracker. We visited the exiii team who had already started building North Star and shared our excitement about the open source project.”

(Image:- blog.leapmotion.com)