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Jim Cramer advises investors to avoid crypto or other speculative investments

In the past few months, it has been seen that many big personalities are releasing statements against digital assets and cryptocurrencies. They are considered a danger to the future which is not the right thing. It has resulted in the market’s downfall and made investors face huge losses. Even the host of the Mad Money show, Jim Cramer, who was previously in favor of cryptocurrencies, advised investors to sell them and avoid speculative investments.

Jim Cramer advises investors to avoid crypto

Last Tuesday, Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s finance show Mad Money, offered some advice to investors regarding what type of investment people should make in the current situation. Mr. Cramer is originally a former hedge fund manager who co-founded one of the best financial news websites known as Thestreet.com.

Mr. Cramer urged the current investors to stay away from speculative investments, which also include crypto coins and digital assets. He explained that Federal Reverse is continuing its hawkish stance to fight the country’s inflation which would lead your investment and market to struggle. He added that the Fed would bring the pain until it is able to put an end to this gambling and bring the country’s inflation rate to a minimum.

Jim Cramer advises investors to avoid crypto

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Jim Cramer Tweets over Federal Reserve

Last Tuesday, Jim Cramer tweeted that the Federal Reverse wants the public to sell their crypto holding, NFT, SPACs, and IPOs before these investments wipe their account. He supported the Fed and advised the public not to buy currencies, IPOs, and NFTs and avoid any new investments. He thinks that the Fed is serious now and avoiding investments will help you get through this scrub, and as you pass it, you will find yourself in a much better position.

In July, Jim Cramer said that the fall of the cryptocurrencies showed the Federal Reserve’s job to lower the country’s inflation rate is near. He also said that he expected the bitcoin price to fall to nearly 12,000 US dollars in June. However, it did not fall that much and is currently trading at around 20,000 USD.

What are your thoughts as Jim Cramer advises investors to avoid crypto? Will it help people to get through this scrub? Let us know in the comments below. And, if you found your content informative, do share it with your family and friends.

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