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John’s Corner Store closing: The end of an era

All of us have went grocery shopping at our nearby corner stores. Some of them are so old that we are the second generation of their customers. Such stores leave a legacy and hold a special place in our heart. Even in today’s era when we could have things delivered to our doorstep in just a few minutes, we still buy from these stores from time to time because they have become a part of our routine and life. One such store which had been operating for the last 20 years is John’s Corner Store in New York. The store has been a significant part of the local community for over 20 years.

In these years, the store has built a strong reputation for providing the the best quality products and exceptional customer service. This was made possible through the store’s good relations with their customers. The store recently put up a notice which informed the Hamburg community of their closing. This came as a shocking and emotional news to the residents of Hamburg and its surrounding areas who were used to shopping there and seeing the owners.

It's been a staple of the community for two decades

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John’s Loyal Customer Base:

Relations between customers and businesses are crucial for all business owners. Small businesses like the John’s Corner Store often rely on customer relations to compete with larger stores like Kroger. In this particular case, the business relied on word to mouth marketing and it seemed to be working well for them over the years. In their 20 years of service, they had developed close ties with the community surrounding them.

Their customer service too had a huge impact on their business. They greeted their customers warmly and personally connected with them to encourage them to visit again. In addition to their exceptional customer service, John’s Corner Store also went n extra mile to satisfy the customers with specific requirements. For instance, the store offered a special order service using which customers could order specific items that are were not usually stocked on their shelves. This service has helped them retain several customers with specific dietary restrictions or preferences.

The store also hosted numerous events for people in the surrounding areas to participate. They hosted a weekly farmers market where local farmers could sell their products directly to consumers. Such events served the purpose for both the farmers who got to sell their crops and the customers who got access to farm fresh vegetables. The store also hosted special promotional events throughout the year like charity drives. Such events offered the opportunity to enjoy and give back to the community.

John’s Store vs Kroger:

The store which has been around in the Hamburg community for over 20 years has given a good competition to other bigger businesses in the area including Kroger. Although Kroger offered a large selection of products and had a much larger network than John’s Corner Store, they have not only survived but thrived even in the presence of such competition. Their exceptional customer service, numerous events for the surrounding community and most of all the trust they build within their customers played a massive role in their success.

The Closure:

The owners of the store John Braymiller and Anne Smith have now decided that they want to retire from the business and live their lives. They informed their customers of the closure by putting up a notice on their entrance. The customers of the store were upset about its closure and all of them had their own feelings associated with the store. The owners too claimed that this was a very emotional and difficult decision for them to make. However, with the love of their customers, it is sure that they will be remembered.