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TikTok idea gives your iPhone a fresh feel each time you open it

Do you feel like your iPhone has become a little boring? Are you tired of looking at the same old wallpaper every time you open your phone? Well you are not alone. All of us get bored by looking at the same monotonous wallpaper on our lock and home screen. This reduces our interest in our phones which once used to be the love of our life. While the solution to this problem might seem simple, it is a lot more complex than what it appears on the surface. Any normal person would suggest looking up pictures that you like on the internet and putting them as your lock screen and the home screen. But, if you’re more of an innovative or as others would say lazy person, TikTok has got something for you.

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Why wallpapers matter?

The best part about wallpapers is that there are no restrictions to what you put up there. You might wonder that this would be the case with most social media apps as well but you would expect a person to have their picture as their WhatsApp profile picture or at least on their LinkedIn. However, in case of your wallpaper, it does not have to be a picture of you or a picture of anyone else for that matter. It could be a pet, your favorite celebrity or maybe a motivational quote to get you through your day. Although you could put almost anything as your wallpaper, it does not mean that it is not a significant part of your life. Your wallpaper choice reveals a lot about who you are and what you like. Anyone who crosses ways with your phone might have a look on your wallpaper. People who put pictures of their friends and family as their wallpaper specially reveal a lot of details about their life.

Conventional Methods for hardworking individuals:

There are numerous ways that you could use to not get bored of your wallpapers. The most simple trick to not be bored would be to change it manually to a picture that you like better. This picture could include anything from a selfie with your friends to the Eiffel Tower. But if you are anywhere close to me, you’ll get bored of it again within the next few days and the need to change it every now and then takes a lot of time (not to mention how much of a headache this job can be for some of us). Others might also suggest putting pictures that you’ll not get easily bored with. Such pictures could include the pictures of your loved ones.

The TikTok Trick:

Not everyone however has the time or the mental capacity to deal with their wallpapers. A TikTok reel has come up with an innovative idea to give your iPhone a new look every time you open it.

A few years back, another TikTok user had shared trick which made users put a live photo as their wallpaper. Live Photos are short videos that can be captured from your iPhone. Such photos include a short video instead of a traditional picture which gives a more dynamic feel to your wallpaper.

The new trick that went viral on TikTok talks about a photo shuffle option which lets you select multiple pictures from your device and keeps changing your wallpaper to one of the pictures that you selected each time you open your phone. This feature is only working on the latest iOS software: iOS 16 which means that your iPhone must be an iPhone 8 or higher for this feature to work. The tip gained popularity after many users of the platform related to the conventional problems associated with wallpapers and saw this as a viable solution.