Elon Musk
Elon Musk

JP Morgan sues Tesla for $162 million after Musk tweeted about sour stock deal.
Elon Musk says that he would take Tesla private costed an investment bank millions of dollars, according to the bank.

JP Morgan has filed a$162.2 million lawsuit against Tesla, professing that Elon Musk’s electric vehicle business “flagrantly” breached a 2014 contract relating to stock trading options that Tesla sold to the bank. Options, occasionally known as warrants, give the holder the right to buy a company’s stock at a predetermined” strike” price and date. The lawsuit, which was filed in federal court in Manhattan, is about how JP Morgan repriced its Tesla warrants in the aftereffect of Musk’s ignominious 2018 tweet indicating he was considering taking the company private. According to Tesla’s filings and Refinitiv statistics, JP Morgan has done relatively little business with Tesla over the previous seven times, which is rare for a large Wall Street bank to sue such a high-profile customer.” We have given Tesla many chances to meet its contractual liabilities, so it’s deplorable that they have driven this problem into litigation,” a JP Morgan spokesman said in a statement.
Still, it would owe JP Morgan the difference between the stock price on that date and$ 560, If Tesla’s stock price was at or above the strike price of$ 560 on the day the clearances expired in June or July 2021. Given that Tesla’s shares had risen to over$ 600 by June of this year, JP Morgan poised to profit amply. nonetheless, it’s seeking an additional$ 162 million since it claims the warrants include typical clauses that allow it to lower the strike price to shield itself from the economic effects of” major corporate transactions involving Tesla.”
According to JPMorgan’s complaint, Tesla traduced its contract by failing to give the agreed-upon amount of stock or cash. Tesla’s failure to do so, according to the bank, amounted to a default.
“Though JP Morgan’s changes were applicable and legally needed,” according to the bank’s complaint,” Tesla has flagrantly disregarded its unequivocal contractual responsibility to pay JP Morgan in full.”
Tesla responded that JP Morgan’s modifications to the strike price were”an opportunistic attempt to take advantage of swings in volatility in Tesla’s stock,” according to JP Morgan. Tesla, on the other hand, didn’t dispute the numbers, according to JP Morgan.