Justin Sun could spend $1B to buy DCG's assets
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Justin Sun plans to spend $5 billion on acquiring struggling crypto firms

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron, said that he plans to spend $5 billion on acquiring struggling crypto firms. Even though he said that it would be to help them, this is going to be a spree of acquisitions for Justin. He also said that Tron is working with an investment bank to work on potential deals with crypto firms. This step shows how entrepreneurs are gearing up to make the most of this bear market.

Justin follows in the footsteps of Sam Bankman Fried

Sam has been investing in a lot of crypto firms lately to expand his portfolio of companies. He has also acquired a stake in Robinhood and gave loans to Voyager Digital and BlockFi. The longer the bear market stays, the more opportunities it will generate for investors and entrepreneurs. And now we have another billionaire Justin Sun who also plans to follow the same path as Sam Bankman.

Justin Sun plans to spend $5 billion on acquiring struggling crypto firms
Image Source: Cryptopotato


Justin is also going to help crypto firms that are struggling to operate in this bear market. We must note that the more problem the markets face, the lesser the profits for these companies. So, it is clear why they are trying to lessen the impact of this bear market. This also has the benefit of them expanding their portfolio. Justin said they are reviewing what they can do to help builders in this industry.

However, Binance’s CEO clearly said that it doesn’t make sense to help everyone. Some companies should just die away, which will help the markets clean up a bit.

Justin’s Investment plans

Justin said that they already have $2.3 billion in Tron’s DAO reserves, and his personal money will also be involved. They are seeking the help of an investment bank for all this, but the name was not shared. The focus of investments will be on platforms with a huge user base and also both centralized and decentralized finance companies. Justin believes that we have already seen worse, and things are going to get better from here.

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