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Kannan Animal Welfare takes the route of crowdfunding through Impact Guru

Little paws of happiness! That’s what every small step of each dog represents. There are very few living creatures in the world that believes in loving everyone without any discrimination and expectations and dogs are considered as one of those. While everyone struggles from the daily hustle and bustle of life, people often come across dogs on the streets that would require help but cannot put work on hold and lend a helping hand to those puppy eyes. As humans, we often get all the love and support that we require but these speechless souls face negligence even when in need. To help such dogs, rescue and take care of their treatment, Kannan Animal Welfare is raising funds of INR 5 lakhs on the crowdfunding platform ImpactGuru.com. The funds raised will be used to cover the expenses of the organization such as Medical Bills, Electricity Bill, Food Bill, Fuel Bill, Electrical Wiring and Repair Work, Car Repair and Service, and so on. 

Kannan Animal Welfare was started in the year 2015 by Ms. Vandana Anchalia as a project under Kannan Foundation. The project took off in a big way and stands today with its own identity. KAW has rapidly expanded its horizons in the last 5 years providing help and shelter to many strays. However, due to the shortage of funds, KAW cannot look forward to helping every single case that comes to its doorstep. Every year, KAW rescues and helps more than 200 dogs for their treatment followed by the shelter until they aren’t fit to face the outside world. 

“I have always believed that every animal deserves quality care and standard life and no animal should be left on the streets to struggle and face the cruelty of the world. We live in a society where everyone is so busy in the fast-increasing pace of life that they don’t have time to look back and check if anyone requires help. My main aim to start KAW was to help such wonderful lives and provide them better care and home. KAW aims to provide quality medical care to the dogs as they need it the most and see them through to a full recovery, and happy life. KAW aims to provide that care to the dogs most in need and see them through to a full recovery, and happy life.” expresses Vandana Anchalia, Founder of KAW while speaking about the organization. 

KAW often raises money on the crowdfunding platform ImpactGuru.com for this cause and has found homes for 150 numbers of dogs across the world with the help of its multiple partners. 

 The fundraiser has so far received tremendous support across the country. Impact Guru in collaboration with Kannan Animal Welfare has raised over Rs. 1 lakh cumulatively contributed from over 22 donors. All details mentioned in the fundraiser link: https://www.impactguru.com/fundraiser/help-kaw-animal-welfare



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