Kanye West’s account suspended from Twitter
Elon Musk suspended American rapper Kanye West a.k.a Ye's Twitter account on Saturday after he posted a swastika image inside a Star of David

Elon’s acquisition of Twitter has caused many changes on the platform. In the latest, Elon Musk suspended American rapper Kanye West a.k.a Ye’s Twitter account on Saturday after he posted a swastika image inside a Star of David, which is a prominent symbol of Judaism.


“Because at a certain point, you have to say what is incitement to violence,” Musk said. “Because that is against the law in the U.S., you can’t just have a ‘let’s go murder someone club,’ that’s not actually legal.”


“It is important people know, okay, that was my decision,” Musk added. 


Musk further added that he “tried his best” but now can no longer tolerate Kanye. Elon once restored Ye’s Twitter account, giving him a second chance to improve. 


 “Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.”

American rapper Kanye West's Twitter account suspended from the platform.
American rapper Kanye West’s Twitter account suspended from the platform.

The reason behind Ye’s Twitter account suspension


Kanye West has recently been restored by Elon. Despite that, he is still making unnecessary tweets and inciting violence. 


In an interview on Thursday, Ye shared an antisemitic comment with the radio host Alex Jones which soon became a controversy over the social media platform. 


Ye indicated to Jewish media by saying that he believes Hitler had some good things. The conversation between Alex and Ye went on for an hour. Many assume that this might be some kind of conspiracy. 


In October, Ye agreed to buy another social media company Parler after being suspended by Twitter. 


“In a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,” he said in a statement released by Parler at the time. But soon, the social media company Parler withdrew from the deal. 


Earlier, Ye’s Twitter account was blocked for an unknown period of time after his antisemitic remarks about Jewish people turned into hateful comments and threats. But later in November, he was added again by Elon Musk as another chance to improve and change for good. 


The new CEO Elon further added that the context posted by Ye is the foremost reason, following Twitter’s terms and conditions for his account suspension decision. 


“You can say like, okay, let’s look for added context outside of Twitter to say, well, what’s this meant in a friendly way? Well, ok, no, he’s saying that he likes Hitler and other things,” Musk added.


It is still unclear as to how long the rapper’s account will remain suspended as the new CEO Elon Musk earlier stated that permanent banning of accounts will be extremely rare under his supervision.