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Kia Motors competes with Tesla by rolling out electric crossover EV6

In Los Angeles, Kia Motors called out Tesla, saying that their electric crossover EV6 can beat Tesla’s record of charging time. Furthermore, Kia also unveiled EV9 and Seven. These models are planned to go into production by 2024. Also, Kia models are much cheaper in price than Tesla. Kia says that the young generation would prefer these models because of various reasons, from fast charging to the price of the vehicle.

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Image credits- Motor Authority

Kia Motors called out Tesla by name at the show, announcing that its upcoming electric crossover EV6 beat Tesla’s previous record for the shortest charging time while driving across the United States, by more than five hours. Kia and affiliate Hyundai Motor also unveiled large, three-row electric sport utility vehicle concepts, EV9 and SEVEN. These models are expected to go into production around 2024, two persons familiar with the matter said.

“They (Tesla) have strong sales and they have a very good public awareness. But not everything is for everybody. So there should also always be an alternative,” said Michael McHale, Kia’s brand experience director. The focus on electric SUVs reflects the strong preference among U.S. consumers for SUVs, which typically sell for higher prices than similar-sized sedans. Large SUVs account for the top-selling segment in the U.S. market, industry executives and analysts have said.

“EVs are going from econo boxes to aspirational vehicles to the heart of the market,” Brett Smith, technology director at Center for Automotive Research. Tesla challengers are also betting on novel features such as a rotating dashboard screen in Fisker Ocean SUV to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Henrik Fisker, chief executive of Fisker Inc, said the Ocean will be the first production car with a screen switching between its vertical and horizontal orientations. “We filed a patent on it,” he told Reuters, adding the screen will be supplied by Foxconn Technology, which will also produce Fisker’s electric SUVs in the United States. “I think it’s going to appeal to a lot of young people who would love to play around on the screen. Also when you’re sitting charging.”

Tesla has been in the market for a long, and rivals continue to focus on challenging the top EV player in the market. While some companies are focusing on battery technology, others are focusing on self-driving technology or reducing the price of the vehicle. Fisker Ocean shows a promising goal to compete with Tesla vehicles.

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