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Kids generate $30k monthly income mining crypto

Recently two kids gave an interview explaining how they generate $30k monthly income mining crypto. Yes, you heard that right $30k monthly. The kids are just 9 and 14-year old and are brother and sister. The 9-year old is named Aanya Thakur, and the 14-year old is named Ishaan Thakur. Both of them started this together by mining digital currencies in the summer, and the main aim was to learn about the new technology while making some side money. This shows how much potential crypto holds and even kids are able to generate income out of it.

How did the Kids generate a $30k monthly income?

Aanya and Ishan said that their main goal was to learn about the new technology and make money from it. As they started their mining project, the coins they mined were BTC, ETH and Ravencoin. Initially, they didn’t have any particular types of equipment, and Ishan used his Alienware laptop for the same. He learned how to mine crypto from youtube and started this journey.

Kids generate $30k monthly income mining crypto

In the first month, the process was simple, and they just used the laptop to mine. But then they liked it so much that the duo talked with their dad to add more processors to their setup. In the first month, they made $1000 and also purchased expensive equipment like SHA256 capable ASIC Antminers, alongside Nvidia RTX 3080-Ti GPUs. And now they are able to process over 10 billion ETH transactions per second, said Ishan.

The process

To get started, their dad took a loan for building the setup and get the ming started. This is where the journey started. After this, the kids started to use 100% renewable energy to start mining. This makes it a lot more sustainable, and at the same time, the cost of the mining operation goes down in the long run. After expanding a bit, they grew at such a fast pace that they moved out of their garage to a proper AC setup for much efficient crypto mining. And now their garage is just used to test the mining rig.

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