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Some small town startups in India

Often startups are thought to be big cities thing where technology and innovation are omnipresent. We have always heard of individuals moving from small towns to metropolitan cities in search of higher opportunities and jobs that would boost their careers. No doubt cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, etc can do wonders when it involves innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Some small-town startups are budding in small cities breaking all the principles and making a peculiar identity for themselves also as for his or her hometowns. Certainly being in a metropolitan city like Delhi or Bangalore makes things easier for burgeoning entrepreneurs but there are a bunch of small city startups that are making their presence felt. Despite being in non-innovative portions of our country these companies are surely breaking all the stereotypes and paving a way of success. A fifth of India’s startups are now found to be in small cities and towns that are now being counted are small startup hubs. There are many disadvantages to starting a company in a smaller town like lack of skilled labor, scarcity of relevant tech-friendly ecosystem and many others. Apart from all these deprivations indeed there are some perks of being situated in a smaller city including low-cost manpower, cheaper operating cost, and more affordable amenities. If you are just starting a company and don’t have a huge pile of money sitting next to you then your home town could be the best possible destination for founding your company.



Based in: Kanpur

Prosoc stands for PROducts for SOCiety and was founded in 2015 by IIT Kanpur alumnus Eshan Sadasivan, a for-profit social enterprise that aims to designs and develops innovative social products and services of social importance in different sectors like education, livelihood, agriculture, healthcare, etc. Currently, the startup offers DESKIT, a faculty bag that has attached a study table in it. With the assistance of DESKIT, students can sit during a good posture while studying and may write comfortably.


TechEagle Innovations 

Based in: Lucknow

Founded in 2015 by IIT Kanpur alumnus, Vikram Singh, TechEagle Innovations is focused to make UAV more sophisticated and useful in our domestic life. In 2018 Techeagle was acquired by Zomato to help carry out drone-based delivery in India. It will help Zomato move towards advancing drone-based food delivery in India, by creating a hub-to-hub delivery network powered by hybrid multi-rotor drones.


Husk Power Systems 

Based in: Patna

Husk Power Systems (HPS) is a power plant distribution company that designs, builds, owns and operates the cheapest hybrid power plant mainly in rural areas. The first HPS plant was established in 2007 as an experiment in Tamkuha, Champaran, Bihar. The plant lit up, Tamkuha, which implies “fog of darkness”, for the primary time in its history. HPS was formally incorporated in 2008 and is based in Patna. The company aims at shedding the gap of power accessibility to the poor people in rural areas.



Based in: Sasaram

Founded by three friends, this startup is based in a very small town in Bihar. Booh is an eCommerce startup focused to make buying and giving gifts more emotional and unique. They strive to be a platform that could compose a gifting experience that clings to our memory with their unique and quirky gift collection available for everyone and every occasion. There are some big names in the gifting industry but with their unique gifting solution, this startup is hoping to change our gifting experience.


India is doing very well with its Startup ecosystem and its presence is now being felt in countries like the USA and China. Surely there is some great talent in big cities but India cannot lead this technological and entrepreneurship ecosystem leaving behind its Tier-2 and Tier-2 cities. We hope to see more startups to come to these small towns and cities.

Author Bio-

Shubham Soni is a mobile developer, tech blogger and Google India Scholar. He loves to write on mobile technologies, Startups, Entrepreneurship and mobile applications.



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