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Lamar Odom crashes his Mercedes Benz into two parked vehicles

Lamar Odom, a name recognized both in basketball courts and Hollywood circles, had a recent brush with misfortune. Reports have surfaced that Odom’s luxurious Mercedes Benz encountered a high-impact collision with two unoccupied vehicles while cruising through Northridge. Reported first by TMZ, the accident supposedly took place at 3AM. 


A Late-Night Navigational Error

The narrative of the accident was relayed by Odom’s representative, Gina Rodriguez, to PEOPLE. According to her, Odom, navigating his way back from a friend’s house in Northridge, momentarily misplaced his phone.  The 43-year-old ex-NBA sensation leaned down to collect his phone, inadvertently redirecting his car’s trajectory. His white Mercedes first collided with one parked vehicle, propelling it into another. Since his car’s airbags swiftly burst open, Odom was fortunate to walk away unharmed.

Upon receiving the call about the incident, the LAPD arrived at the scene. Odom cooperated with the police, explaining the sequence of events that led to the accident. Officers questioned him, inquiring about the possibility of alcohol consumption. Lamar, known for his past struggles with substance abuse, reportedly asserted his sobriety and highlighted his involvement in rehab facilities. However, no field sobriety test was conducted believing his stance.

Following this, the owners of the damaged cars emerged from their residences, seeking to address the situation. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Lamar offered his insurance information to the concerned parties. This ensured that the affected parties had the necessary details to initiate any necessary proceedings. Fortunately, the episode ended without any formal police report, and everyone involved exchanged information.


Tragic history with accidents

Notably, this isn’t Lamar Odom’s first encounter with a life-altering car accident. In 2011, Lamar Odom experienced a tragic episode as he was embroiled in a severe car accident in New York City. This incident unfolded when the chauffeur-driven vehicle he occupied collided with a motorcyclist, subsequently striking a 15-year-old pedestrian. 

The collision’s impact was catastrophic, resulting in grievous injuries that necessitated immediate hospitalization for both the motorcyclist and the child. Tragically, the 15-year-old bore the brunt of the force, enduring severe head trauma that proved fatal shortly after being admitted to the hospital. The untimely death of the young pedestrian triggered a profound sense of mourning in both the media and the community.

Coincidentally, Lamar Odom’s presence in New York on that ill-fated Sunday was to attend the funeral of his 24-year-old cousin. He publicly asserted that his cousin had fallen victim to homicide, further adding to the solemnity of the situation.


Lamar’s reaction

Lamar has refrained from making any public statements regarding the accident. However, earlier this month, he posted a cheerful photo of himself alongside his associates from Compassion Recovery Center on Instagram. In the caption, he excitedly hinted at forthcoming developments within the Odom Recovery network. Moreover, he can be seen actively promoting his interviews and other projects since the collision.


This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of responsible driving and the potential ramifications of distracted behavior behind the wheel. Whether this mishap will affect Odom’s car insurance premiums is yet to be seen, but it undoubtedly emphasizes the significance of safe driving practices in today’s tech-infused world.