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Lawn Mowing Simulator Adds Dinosaur DLC

Curve Digital and Skyhook Games have announced that the new Lawn Mower Simulator Dino Safaris Pack DLC is now available for all players on the Xbox and PC platforms. About this content, Dino Safari first opened in 1994 to capitalize on a traditional obsession with all things prehistoric and proudly continues to operate now. This local favorite is a top tourist attraction in the area, bringing kids and adults back around its proud central volcano. A proud part of the local tourism industry, Dino Safari offers four locations where guests can explore ancient wonders and build their reputation as a lawn care company.

Lawn Mower Simulator Dino Safaris Pack DLC

Credit @ Curve Games

Younger visitors to Dino Safaris can also use the Herbivore Valley Playground, so it’s important that Herbivore Valley stays as clean and tidy as possible. The Simulator Lawnmower is getting the Dino Safari DLC today. Dino Safari DLC is Available Now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S | X for anyone who already owns the base game. Head over to the Xbox Store and grab the Lawn Mower Simulator along with the new Dino Safair DLC. Let’s just say we wouldn’t trust Freddy Flintoff to mow our lawns. The best herbivore in lawn mower simulators’ new Dino Safari add-on is not a triceratops or a brachiosaurus – it’s all animatronic tourist attractions anyway. There is also an Ancient Britain DLC that contains four new environments such as the King’s Stones and Druid Thor. It’s up to you to keep the fake ancient monuments clean and tidy in the Ancient Britain DLC.

Check out the video below where they asked the Top Gear cast to try and destroy one of the four new locations. In this exciting new expansion, players will have to drive their lawnmowers in a fictional dinosaur safari park. In the new Dino Safari DLC, available now for all players on PC and Xbox platforms, players will be able to enter the Jurassic era, navigate the imaginary Dino Safari Park with their lawnmowers, and maintain pristine lawns around giant T-rex models, cunning birds of prey and gentle herbivores and many others. This is the game’s 2nd DLC and we expect them to release more content in the near future. We’ll keep you guys updated on all the latest news regarding the Lawn Mowing Simulator. The game, as well as this exciting new downloadable content, is available on Xbox and PC.







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