Leaked Apple patents suggest company working on drones

Apple is recognised for producing some of the world’s most powerful smartphones and sought-after tablets. But, what if the corporation decided to release drones? According to 9to5Mac, Apple has submitted three patent applications for a drone in the last year, two of which have surfaced in the last few days. Surprisingly, the new patents were filed outside of the United States – specifically, in Singapore.

Apple has filed two patent applications related to drones with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The company’s first drone patent application includes apparatuses, systems, and methods for pairing and unpairing UAVs from/to UAV controllers. Various techniques for pairing/unpairing UAVs to/from UAV controllers may be included in embodiments (UACs).

Patent applications, according to the 9to5mac report, are open to the public. Of course, it’s been noticed that some people are now making a habit of researching Apple’s patent filings in the hopes of getting a tasty new scoop on impending goods.

At the present, it appears like Apple is attempting to conceal these applications. The Cupertino behemoth is said to have two options for accomplishing this. The first would be to postpone the publication of a patent application until after it has been granted. The second option is to file applications outside of the US.

Apple, as an American corporation, is known for filing patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or USPTO. The majority of individuals hunt for hints about new releases here. Apple has announced that if iPhone 13 consumers choose for third-party repairs, the Face ID disablement would be removed.

Patent applications filed in other nations, on the other hand, are less likely to be discovered. According to Patently Apple, the business first applied for the Apple drone patent applications in Singapore rather than the United States.

Both patents, on the other hand, have been filed in the United States. The first patent covers techniques for pairing and unpairing drones with controllers. It was noticed that it was written in the “past tense,” as is customary.

It still appears to be discussing a way of passing control of a drone from one controller to another while the drone remains in flight. The second is said to be related to using a cellular network to operate the drone.

The post from 9to5mac did carry a caveat, stating that some Apple patents for a variety of items could still not see the light of day. According to reports, the corporation says no a lot more than it says yes on rare occasions.

Regardless, the article pointed out that it would be a reasonable product area for Apple to investigate. This is owing to the fact that Apple’s iPhones and Macs place a strong emphasis on photography and filmmaking. Ex-Tesla personnel have also been engaged by Apple to work on the impending Apple Car.