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The leap motion makes robots bend


3rd October, 2018

We simply wrapped up the Human Computer Interface challenge in the current year’s Hackaday Prize, and this undertaking is pushing limits we’ve barely observed previously. [Giovanni Leal] is utilizing a Leap Motion controller to move a mechanical arm around in space.

The robot arm being referred to originates from Owi, and it is by each measure not a decent robot arm. It is, be that as it may, an astounding toy loaded up with engines and plastic linkages that fills in as a decent remain in for a legitimate mechanical arm.

Control of this toy robot arm is done through a Leap Motion controller. While the Leap Motion is a couple of years old now, it is an exceptionally viable approach to ‘measure’ the position and revolution of a turn in 3D space. The main thing that is required is simply the Leap Motion controller and a tabletop.

The final product is a robot that can be controlled by a hand. While this robot arm is extremely only a toy, it was amusing to gather and a smidgen of equipment hacking with an Arduino transformed this into a working robot arm controlled by a human. Scale this up, build up an island den, and you’re en route to assuming control over the world.




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