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Learn How to Choose the Best Contact Lenses for Yourself

Contact lenses have been solving eye troubles for now almost two decades. In the eyewear industry, 35 % of the Indian population requires vision correctness. Around 6% of the population prefers wearing contact lenses. They are a useful and invisible aid for people facing vision problems. Also, the majority of people prefer lenses over eyeglasses. While they are an efficient alternative, a fundamental question remains- how to choose the best contact lenses for self? 

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Before buying contact lenses, the primary step is to consult your eye doctor. After a comprehensive eye exam, the medical examiner will be able to help you decide the best contact lenses as per your individual needs. 

Also, it is imperative to learn the types of lenses to choose the best contact lenses. They are:

  1. Rigid-Gas Permeable Contact Lenses: These lenses are stiff but permeable. The permeability allows oxygen to reach the surface of the eye. 
  2. Soft Contact Lenses: These lenses are thinner than RGP lenses. There are two types of these lenses- daily disposable lenses and silicon-based material lenses. 
  3. Multifocal Lenses: These bifocal lenses help you if you face trouble with both far and near vision. 
  4. Toric Lenses: These lenses are specifically for those suffering from eye conditions like astigmatism.

After knowing the types, you should ask yourself some questions before going ahead with your purchase. A few questions are as follows:

  • How Often Will You Wear Contact Lenses?

Do you plan on wearing contact lenses every day or just on weekends and special occasions? 

Usually, soft contact lenses are suitable for both full-time and part-time wearing purpose. On the other hand, you will require wearing rigid permeable contacts for daily use to enjoy comfort. 


  • Are You Picky About the Sharpness of Your Vision?

While rigid-permeable (RGP) contact lenses take time before you get used to them, but they offer a sharper vision than soft lenses. If you are not content or satisfied with the clarity of your eyesight after wearing soft lenses, you should get a medical recommendation. And, if your doctor allows you, then you may shift to RGP contact lenses. 

  • Do You Require Overnight Contact Lenses?

Do you want to wear contact lenses continually, including overnight? 

Some contact lenses allow high amounts of oxygen to pass through them. If you are unsure about wearing contact lenses overnight, you should consult an eye doctor to find out. After evaluation, the medical practitioner can tell you about how well your eyes can tolerate continuous lens wear and whether it is safe or not.


  • Do You Suffer from Allergies or Have Dry Eyes?

Dry Eyes or allergies may affect the comfort of your contact lenses. It may also limit your ability to wear them. If you have either of these conditions, it will be beneficial to consult an eye doctor before contact lens fitting.

Daily Disposable lenses can help reduce contact lens-related allergy symptoms. Also, there are specific brands whose contacts for dry eyes will enable you to wear them more comfortably. 

  • Do You Want to Wear Colored Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses have come far along and have offered numerous exciting options. Coloured lenses give you a new look and are known as theatrical or costume contacts. 

They help you change the appearance of your eyes. Also, these lenses come with corrective power. While non-corrective lenses are readily available, but it is best to purchase them with a prescription and a professional fitting for safe use. 


Once you answer these questions, the following factors should be kept in mind before purchasing contact lenses:

  • It is crucial to take care of contact lenses. You will require using a doctor-recommended lens solution. Daily lens care is essential to keep your eyes healthy when wearing contact lenses. If you prefer avoiding the task of cleaning and disinfecting your lenses every day, consider daily disposable lenses. According to a study, there has been a rise in the adoption of daily disposable lenses by 33% in 2018.


  • The cost of contact lenses and your budget are essential considerations before purchasing lenses. Also, it would be best if you did not forget to calculate the cost of lens solution.


Buy Contact Lenses from a Trusted Brand

Contact Lenses from trusted brands like www.contactlenses.co.uk help you enhance your vision and are a suitable choice as a daily wear option. If you follow the pointers mentioned above, it will be easy to choose the best contact lenses for self. Contact Lenses help you enhance your vision and are a suitable choice as a daily wear option. If you follow the pointers mentioned above, it will be easy to choose the best contact lenses for self. 

There are numerous options of contact lenses available in the market. Reputable brands like Titan Eyeplus offer an extensive range of contact lenses. It would be helpful if you visit their website and explore the choices. Their after-sales services ensure that you get a great buying experience!



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