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What is LegalWiz?

With the motto, “Simple-Transparent-Affordable”, LegalWiz is exactly the Legal Tech Company that India needed. From business registration, Intellectual Property Registrations, Government & Tax Registrations and Filings, Accounting & Bookkeeping to Custom Legal Document Drafting and much more, if you are a startup or SME, LegalWiz is your solution for business professional services, taxation, and legal compliance.

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The Beginning

The story began, when Shrijay Sheth, an eCommerce industry veteran and an entrepreneur, was working in a US-based company called LegalZoom. This company was not only highly scaled but also equally profitable. Their business model inspired Sheth to think that his motherland India too is in dire need of this solution, but with some different modifications and reasons.

Sheth along with his friend, Naman Pipara co-founded a Legal Tech Company called The duo met at a business professional networking event. A chartered accountant and an expert at company laws, income tax, and other relevant subject matter – that’s the mini-bio of Naman Pipara.

With Sheth’s legal eCommerce experience and Pipara’s expertise, the duo was a perfect combination for a sustainable and comprehensive solution that can meet the needs of the Indian Business Industry. As of now, LegalWiz consists of a team of 25+ professionals. This includes chartered accountants, company secretaries, lawyers, as well as software & digital experts.

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Transparency, accountability, and simplicity are the three major pillars on which LegalWiz is offering its services to the industry.

In recent times, there has been a huge boost to the entrepreneurs in India due to Government schemes and people are actually coming up and following their dreams. This rise of start-ups and entrepreneurs have also contributed to LegalWiz’s growth.

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Obstacles Faced

The journey has not always been smooth. The biggest challenge was to build a team of business professionals and tech people coming from different backgrounds. Their approach, work expectations, needs, and beliefs are way too different. To come up with ways to make sure that every one of them is satisfied so that they can productively work for the benefit of the company, was a huge challenge.

It needed a lot of mentorship from the management team, and a huge amount of commitment and understanding from the employees to help LegalWiz make its own name in the Industry.

What makes them different?

Due to the rise of start-ups and businesses in India, a lot of business professional service providers have emerged all over the country, especially in the last two years. But, it’s the positive outlook that LegalWiz has, which makes a huge difference. They look at this growth not as a competition but rather as a market validation and contribution to growing this online industry.

But, that doesn’t mean they don’t strive to be the leader of the Industry. And rightly so, they have something very unique that other companies in their domain lack – the customer service offered and the entire CX (Customer experience) that customer has, is a big game changer. Also, this company invests heavily in the development of software which can take the CX into a whole new level. Their commitment to their clients and customers is evident by the fact that they charge for their services based on 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee.

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In a span of fewer than 4 years, Business Professional Services like LegalWiz has managed to grow a strong customer base, as most of their revenue comes from their repeat customers. It is perhaps their approach of keeping the interests of the customer above anything else, that has helped them reach where they are today. With an impressive referral score of 9.6/10, you know they are not kidding when they say CX is their top priority.

“If you treat a customer properly, the chances are that they become repeat customers and clients.”
Shrijay Sheth.

The Future

LegalWiz aims to be the most customer-centric business professional services company in India. They also look forward to being a legit source of information and education center for their professionals.

““We are targeting growth of 30% in the 1st quarter of 2019. We will be aggressively focusing on new business and customer retention. We have recently notched up 60% growth in customer retention – this is proof that our sustained focus on customer service and superior customer experience is fully justified”
– Co-founder, Shrijay Sheth.

2019 will be one of their most crucial years as they are targeting aggressive growth.

With just 3 years of existence, LegalWiz Top Business Professional Service Providers in India. Their commitment to their customers and growth-rate definitely suggests a huge potential for their leadership in the Indian Business professional services Industry.

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