Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns – How to Build your Own Drip Campaign with Snovio?

Drip Campaigns
Have you ever heard about drip campaigns Okayy, let’s make it simpler, have you ever subscribed to a newsletter? If you have, you must have received a number of emails after subscription. Say, on subscribing an online bookstore’s newsletter, you would have received a welcome email describing the new advancements they make and more importantly, the new books they’ve published. This is an effort to attract customers and make them buy books.
Coming to the exact point, drip campaigns is the tool that allows the marketers to send all kinds of emails automatically to the customers based on the choices they make on the Internet.

How to build a drip campaign?

In this blog, we will describe the exact way of creating a drip campaign step by step with the help of Snovio platform. By this process, one can send customized drip emails to potential clients.

Step #1 – Initiate the email campaign creation

● First of all, you need to name the campaign. Be very clear while doing this – make the aim of campaign understandable.
● If you have multiple email accounts, choose one for sending emails.
● Now the question is which addresses will receive those emails? Has the recipient got a few email IDs? If so, what’s next? Are you going to send them to all the addresses or just to the first one? This is for you to choose. You can select from out of the two options.
● Do you want to send emails to those having unverified email addresses? Well, it’s OK if you don’t. Just click on those emails and they won’t get it.

Step #2 – Triggered and delayed follow-ups

● Within Snovio Drip Campaigns, you can be sure that different follow-ups are sent when the recipient performs or doesn’t perform an action defined within the trigger you’ve set.
● A trigger is an action a customer performs on seeing an email from you. Say, opening an email or clicking the link inside the message. Snovio ensures that those triggers from the customers are followed up. It is all about setting the triggers, customizing the time, and
adding the email to be sent next.
● It is important to set the delays as well – the clients shouldn’t receive a mail right after the trigger.
● Understand the statistics and accordingly set the time. Two options are considered for this-days or hours. The one which is more appropriate should be chosen.
● On sending the email for the second or more time, the most appropriate trigger is chosen and it is always better to set a different time.

Step #3 – Develop customized emails

● Send drip emails or email drip campaigns that are well-customized to create special emails.
● Do add an original (human) touch to your drip email. Once the email is customized, it has more chances to be opened by the customer and the click-through and the reply rates tend to
be higher.
● Individualize the subject line along with the email body. You can change a few options and type the first and last name. By the way, the email body can be personalized to your liking, everything depends upon the variables you’ve got.
● Save all the email templates for future purposes and rectify them when necessary. You can also use these templates for different email drip campaigns.
● Attach files (not more than 3MB) and insert valuable links to allow the clients to have
visualized informative data and call them to action.

Step #4 – Link all the elements

Finally, link each element one after another to make the arrangement work. Define a line between the elements and click the Save & Start button. The first customized email will be sent to the selected clients or customers and the following messages will be sent automatically based on the triggers performed by the recipients.

Step #5 – Stay updated about the statistics

To make sure the email drip campaign works well, particular stats should be followed – opens, clicks, and the replies. It can be tracked how many times a particular subscriber (recipient) has performed this or that action. You can add new recipients to the list and they will also start getting the emails. The campaign will automatically stop for the one who replies to you.
To sum up…
It is very important to understand that through email drip campaigns, you can achieve customer satisfaction, their confirmation, and feedback. Significantly, you should also ensure that while reaching a customer through emails on a large scale, you don’t miss special customers.
To ensure this, define categories for the customers. You may want to send offers and gifts only to a certain group excluding others. Drip campaign allows you to create a balance between the customers and firms.