Let It Wag app is leading digitization of the Animal rescue system in India.

The burgeoning popularity of the digital era has seeped into our day-to-day lives to the extent that the use of mobile phones has become an unavoidable necessity for almost everything we consume. Social media has made connectivity tenfold easier, making it possible for the echoes of our actions to resonate far and wide. Despite the growing influence of social media, its rays of change haven’t yet touched the fields of animal rescue, adoption, and fund generation, which continue to be largely manual jobs. The resultant lack of efficiency thwarts the potential to generate effective and long-lasting solutions.

 Working with efficiency in situations of emergency is non-negotiable for animal welfare organizations. Timely help and action are crucial for a successful rescue. However, most animal welfare organizations today use Facebook and WhatsApp groups to gather and disseminate vital information. This increases the propensity for inefficiency due to the inherent unorganized structure. The chaos and misinformation that arise from such a structure can jeopardize rescue operations due to its inability to cater to emergencies, thereby causing delays in the rescue of animals. The noble goals of those who have true love and a desire to help animals often get distorted in the process.

The clutter of communication also leads to an unorganized case management system that makes it easy for sinister parties to exploit the situation.

Nishant Patel believes that social media can become a useful tool for raising funds and spreading awareness if used in the right way. However, one should also be wary of the different ways it can be misused in the absence of a credible system that can keep a check on the direction in which the money goes.

 Let It Wag was launched with the goal of providing a common platform for animal lovers all over India. Since its inception in 2018, Let It Wag has aligned its actions with the core idea of creating the biggest animal lovers community. The platform has been successful in bringing together a community and facilitating quick and effective solutions for rescue-related problems with the quickest turnaround time. In the past six years, Let It Wag has helped close more than 25,000 cases of rescue. The number is a testament to the fact that the right use of technology can effect a big change in the overall approach to solving a growing global problem.

 What makes Let It Wag unique is the wealth of experience and knowledge and the strong foundation on which the platform is built. We developed a brand new “dashboard tool” based on the insights and knowledge gained from working closely with NGOs and rescue groups. The tool helps them efficiently organize every single case created, assign them to a nearby local volunteer, and track the actions and costs required to solve the issue. Once the action is completed, the case is closed to mark it done.

 This enables the organizations to manage multiple cases on a single dashboard with the highest efficiency and with controlled communication with all the stakeholders involved in the process. The dashboard also makes it easier for the NGOs to monitor and download the total work accomplished in a simple and clean format, as they are required to showcase the total number of cases managed and solved to potential donors and investors in order to raise funds.

 We estimate strong growth in the entire animal rescue system in India thanks to the introduction of this new product. An estimate of 12000 animal rescue groups with a range of more than 150 volunteers each can help in rescuing more than 100,000 to 250,000 animals in a year’s time, while also enabling more than a million people to come together and build the fastest and largest animal management system.

 Let It Wag reflects the expertise and skill of a dynamic team of three co-founders who have come together to build this app, thereby creating a strong community of animal lovers around the world with the sole objective of helping voiceless animals with the help of the latest technology.

 Nishant Patel – CMO – The right brain behind India’s largest animal lover community via multiple platforms and mediums of communication for the brand. Leading the public relations, events, celebrity tie-ups, digital marketing, branding, and media management for the entire brand, which has a reach of over a million people in India.

 Yash Sheth – CEO – Ideation and business management for the whole system to innovate multiple products and revenue streams to facilitate the VCs and funding management, along with overlooking the onboarding and alliances with multiple avenues.

 Rahul Pandey – CTO – The brain behind the technological achievements of a one-of-a-kind real-time rescue system and Web and application development to grow into multiple verticals via tech innovations, facilitating an ever-growing system of digitization of the Let It Wag app.