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Lets Corp – Delivering Human Capital Through Technology !


Technology is a great leveler. The more you are able to represent humans as data, the better you are at treating them more humanely i.e., treating them fairly. Good candidates not landing up with a good job is something that we hear about on a regular basis. The only way to create a solution to this problem is with the help of technology. More innovations, more research and more products coming up in this field will only help us get close to overcoming this challenge. That is exactly what Lets Corp is doing.

I spent around 3 years doing research in the field of human resources supply and demand dynamics. I saw that the system was being unfair to all the stakeholders involved in the career eco-system. Colleges were not fully aligned towards developing skills that were required by the industry, industry was not getting candidates with the right skills and competencies and in turn, students were unable to find the most rewarding and suitable jobs. After spending 2 years trying to understand how human capital’s supply and demand dynamics can be calibrated through technology, I started Lets Corp in 2011.

says Shravan Charya, Founder and Group CEO of Lets Corp. Today, this Singapore based company has some of the top names in the industry as clients. The company has more than 150 marquee clients based out of India and USA in various verticals including banking, technology etc.


The company operates two main products. LetsPlace and LetsCareerUp. Lets Place is the world’s first metricated Recruitment Management Solution. Its fully integrated SaaS based technology platform offers some of the Industry First “on-demand” features – such as Public Job-Boards on the fly, Real-time Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) Connectivity, “Lets-Evaluate” mapping engine for comprehensive job suitability, work-flow collaboration across the eco-system, Real-time analytics at a User-Level and Informative dashboards.


LetsCareerUp, the flagship Career Eco-system Portal, is the world’s first Career Network delivered via online technology platform that combines state of the art features, functionalities and user experience that helps connect the Talent Supply Chain with all of its constituent elements and stakeholders – The Students/Candidates, Parents of students, Working Professionals, The Employers, the Academia and third party verifiers, weaving together a robust solutions approach to effectively eliminate the Industry-Academia-Student gap in Employability and Opportunity.

The company launched LetsCareerUp.com in India in Oct 2014 and within 4 months into the market has already acquired over 250 educational institutions as its clients for the Career Transformation Program it runs for both schools and colleges. By the end of the Financial Year 2015-16, the company plans to have 5 million registered users on their portal

Lets Corp’s products are known to provide a strong solution to an important problem that exists in the markets today. Lets Corp has filed 46 patent applications with the Singapore Government, based on research in the HR domain and believe that it is their deep research in this field that helps the innovate better products. The Singapore government has already awarded 21 patents to Lets Corp.

Other companies that operate in this domain, the various other job portals that are available today in the market, work in the online space only and make most of their revenues by selling database of candidate information. With Lets Corp, they operate in the online and offline world. A large part of their team  works on the ground with the clients  to solve their problem and to make sure that Lets Corp product delivers the intended output. The company also does not share individual information to employers. Candidates personal data is kept private and is made available only at a later stage when employers show genuine interest in hiring a candidate.

Shravan Charya , Founder & CEO, Lets Corp

Shravan Charya , Founder & CEO, Lets Corp

Lets Corp is the creation of Shravan Charya who is also the Group CEO of the company. Born in Hyderabad, Shravan grew up in Chennai, where he completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Madras in 1996, followed by a management qualification from DB Jain Institute of Management, Chennai. He has a Chartered qualification from the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS), United Kingdom. A man of many interests, Shravan likes western classical music and writing poetry.

Although the company works in the technology space in the recruitment domain, the main mission of the company is wealth distribution and giving back to the society. Social Transformation thru Business, is the core corporate philosophy. The company is also partnering with the government for skills improvement and is working with people in rural India to make sure that they get the skills required for getting jobs. Lets Corp recently won the prestigious “Innovation For Skills” Award from the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), a premier agency set up by the government of India to skill over 500 Million Indians by Year 2020.

Lets Corp plans to raise Series A funding this year and is currently angel invested. A number of silicon valley investors have shown interest in funding the company.



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