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Local Brecksville businesses now accept cryptocurrency payments

Bitcoin payments are getting more common as businesses tend to realize that it will be good to give customers the option. We are even seeing people getting their salaries paid in Bitcoin. But most of the time, this kind of adoption comes from big businesses/people/companies. There have hardly been any reports on how the adoption has been for the normal public, stores, and restaurants. But, no more as we are seeing local Brecksville businesses accept cryptocurrency payments.

Local business accepting crypto

Recently the locally owned business in Brecksville has started to accept crypto payments. They are called The Juice Lab and are among the few small stores that are staying ahead of others. The owner of the store said, “Whatever we can do, even if it’s something very early on in the stages of being generally accepted, I’m still going to save money now that’s all I’m looking to do,” The owner also said that not many people use the option, but with time we will see better adoption. They just want to stay at the front of the wave; that’s it.

Brecksville businesses now accept cryptocurrency

The store uses an app called the Bluewallet that lets users send crypto by scanning QR codes. It allows them to store, send and receive crypto. The best part is that one of the customers helped them set up this payment option. This shows how active and warm the Bitcoin community is. People are willing to go out of their way to promote BTC.

It is also beneficial for businesses as they are able to save on the credit card charge that swiping card costs them. The owner also said that the costs add up over time which is why this payment option is helpful.

This is important

Many local Brecksville businesses now accept cryptocurrency, which is important because the big companies and stores make the headlines, but the smaller ones make the numbers. Real adoption happens when the bottom of the pyramid gets involved. And this is also the reason this was worthwhile news to cover.

What are your thoughts on small-scale businesses slowly coming around to accepting cryptocurrencies? And do you also believe that this is how the real adoption is going to start? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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