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TIME, The Sandbox Partner To Build Time Square in the Metaverse


Credits: https://www.nftgators.com/

TIME and the Sandbox have reached a new deal to achieve this goal, and one of the parameters of the agreement is the creation of Times Square inside the Sandbox’s metaverse. The TIME project’s primary goal is to build a site that has the potential to serve as the metaverse’s nerve centre. This goal will be achieved by the completion of a number of steps.

Our organization’s mission statement is, “Our objective is to develop a site that will serve as the beating heart of the metaverse.” This is our most crucial objective. TIME For more than a year, the president of TIMESPieces has emphasised that the firm is seeking to develop a Web3 community that will benefit from the amazing history and access that TIME has built throughout its first hundred years of existence. The president’s remarks have centred on this. Times Pieces was a forward-thinking newspaper in its approach. He claims that this degree of dedication has existed for a long time, long before the establishment of TIMESPieces.

According to the Defiant, this project was initially revealed to the general public on June 21 as part of the NFT.NYC event, and that its debut will take held on a virtual territory that is only available to the Sandbox. The information that has been made accessible to us at this time was obtained from NFT.NYC.

Kieran Warwick, one of the co-founders of the metaverse game Illuvium, described the news that Time and The Sandbox were working on a new metaverse game as “big news for everyone in the field.” Time and The Sandbox collaborated on a project to enhance the metaverse play that they provide. Because of what transpired, he felt obligated to react, “The sooner we can get widespread acceptability, the more well-known enterprises we will be able to convert to web 3.” This comment was made in reaction to the events of the previous day.

As part of the continuing hiring process, TIMEPieces is looking for competent people who are interested in sharing their architectural concept ideas with the business. TIMEPieces is seeking for those who want to share their thoughts. TIMEPieces will also provide its users with a central gathering place where they may interact with one another, participate in events, and perform commercial transactions.

Keith Grossman believes that owners of TIMEPieces NFT will have access to and be able to use TIME square’s inclusive platform. TIME square will give this launch platform. This category contains a broad range of events, including virtual debates and meetings, as well as films sponsored by TIME Studio.



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