Logan Paul threatened to sue CoffeeZilla

Logan Paul threatened to sue CoffeeZilla for his CrpytoZoo scam accusations

Logan Paul threatened to sue CoffeeZilla over CryptoZoo scam accusations and also talked about how his members cheated him through a video he recently uploaded on his YouTube Channel. The fight between these started when CoffeeZilla, aka Stephen Findeisen, uploaded a video disclosing Logan’s Paul scam, which made thousands of people lose millions of dollars.

Paul was betrayed by his friends

Paul’s opening statement claimed CoffeZilla’s investigations into CryptoZoo were motivated by a desire to piggyback off his celebrity status. He also added that Stephen had opened himself up to real repercussions in chasing out.

Afterwards, Paul attacked CoffeeZilla’s credibility by saying that his content became little more than gossip undergrounded in facts. Backing up these claims, Paul highlighted core discrepancies in Stephen’s investigations, including failure to cover the criminal past of the dev named Zach Kelling, who stole the game code, fled to Switzerland and demanded 1,000,000 USD to return the code.

Logan Paul to respond CryptoZoo scam allegations made by Coffeezilla

Paul also blamed Kelling’s hiring on Lead Dev Eddie Ibanez, who he trusted to vet all personnel working on the project appropriately. But later, he discovered that Ibanez was a professional conman who used to fool billionaires for his living.

He also continued disputing the claims that CryptoZoo has little functionality and development, particularly the process of hatching NFT eggs. Logan Paul also cast doubts around Findeisen’s work by talking about a conversation CoffeeZilla had with his manager. However, throughout the video, Logan Paul only accused others and tried to shift the blame onto his members.

Logan Paul threatens to sue CoffeeZilla

Contradicting accusations that CryptoZoo was a cash grab and had no intentions of delivering a final project, Paul said the project is being worked on. Still, no timeline is given for rolling out the given project.

Paul summed up by saying that everything was stolen from him and his community. He also said that he ceased the project promotions to gauge the extent of the project and took all of the heat on social, yet CoffeeZilla published defamatory content to get some views.

Responding to the accusations, Findeisen said Paul did not apologise to the project’s victims or take accountability for what happened, which was not expected. He added that a fuller response would happen once he has had time to think things through.

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