Lost Ark Has Been Delayed

Lost Ark Has Been Delayed Until 2022

Lost Ark Has Been Delayed
Credit @ Smilegate

Smilegate and Amazon Games announced that the highly anticipated Lost Ark MMORPG won’t be released until early 2022 in the western region. You can still play piece by piece with the upcoming Korean fantasy MMORPG Lost Ark. Smilegates and Amazon Video Games have revealed in a weblog posted online that they are postponing the sport’s launch until sometime in 2022.

The Korean MMORPG Lost Ark will not hit the market this year as originally announced at E3 2021. Developers have delayed the release until early 2022 to allow enough time to deal with gameplay and performance feedback from the technical alpha in June. You will get your hands on the Lost ARK this year. You can only participate by invitation, and you don’t have to buy the ARK Founders Pack.

This will give developers at Amazon Games and Smilegate the time to get Lost ARK to where it needs to be without interfering with the design front of the game. The delay follows a technical test that was originally expected to see the game released in North America and Europe in the autumn of 2021. This delay is good for Amazon Games, as it will give them time to focus on their other MMORPG, the New World.

This has been a long time coming, as Amazon’s MMO New World was originally scheduled for September 28, but fans of Lost Ark have been put off by the delay. What frustrates players and raises suspicions of well-earned reservations about Amazon Games, in general, is that no matter how you split it up, it will be a busy time for new game releases. Given this revised time frame, the game will run from 4-9 November 2021 in closed beta when owners of the Founder Pack will have access. That means Western fans will have to wait till next year, at least until the full release goes live.

LOST ARK Online is a Korean free-to-play MMO that has been localized by Amazon Games and Smilegate RPG. The game is a stunning Korean action MMORPG, and many players in Korea have implored the Smilegate developers to make the game available in other parts of the world. Enthusiasts will still be able to play its ARPG MMO, but it is currently in a closed beta.

The highly anticipated Western release of the Korean MMO Misplaced ARK has been postponed until early 2022, with the developers of Lost ARK’s western version responding to Alpha feedback and recent changes to the Korean counterpart of the MMO.

The team also said that players will be able to test Lost Ark later this year thanks to a closed beta test scheduled for November 4 and 9. Smilegate and Amazon today announced that due to feedback and work required to bring the Lost Ark MMOARPG from Smilegate to Amazon to shine for Western audiences, the original Fall 2021 time window has been reduced.

LOST ARK has been pretty quiet in recent weeks, despite the post-founder pack run and the massive closure of Alpha in June. According to Smilegate RPG, the game is still in technical alpha testing, and although it needs a lot more work before it can start with the high quality its players deserve.

Lost Ark Has Been Delayed
Credit @ Smilegate

Smilegate will be organizing a new closed beta from which according to them will focus more on having support for content creators and beta testers. the Beta will take place between 4-9 November. The closed beta of Lost Ark runs until November 9th, and interested players can sign up on the official website for the chance to win a beta key. MMO gamers will remember that Smilegate and MMOARPG should be released under the Amazon banner this fall.

Amazon Games partnered with Smilegate RPG to offer the best experience for players in North America and Europe by localizing the colossal world of Lost Ark and translating it into English, French, German, and Spanish with written and spoken dialogue. A successful game, which was successful in South Korea and Japan and acclaimed in Russia, a Western release remained elusive for a long time.

In June, Amazon Games held our closed technical beta test and invited testers to venture into Arkesia and experience for the first time a version of The Colossal World of Lost Ark. After the test the team tirelessly worked on translating the text walls, crushing bugs, and spending hours in the recording studio and setting up the server infrastructure behind the scenes. As the team dived into feedback, fixed bugs, and prepared the infrastructure, it became clear that it would not be possible to reach the original release date while maintaining a healthy workforce.

On the other hand, Smilegate ended her message by promising to maintain better communication with players. As they did, they took note of the comments by players during the closed-door Alpha Test in June this year to return the game to the quality they and the players deserve.