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Low-code software platform Airtable lays off over 250 employees

According to recent reports, Airtable which is a low-code software platform has fired more than 250 employees belonging to different departments in the company that includes business development, engineering, etc. Read the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

About the layoffs

According to the reports provided by TechCrunch, the employees who have been laid off will be receiving 16 weeks of severance pay minimum along with accelerated equity vesting and support from an immigration counsel if on the visa. “We’ve rapidly expanded and executed on multiple fronts. At the time, I believed we could successfully pursue all of them in parallel,” said Airtable founder and CEO Howie Liu in an email to employees.

“However, in taking a hard look at our efforts in the current market environment, we’ve identified the teams best positioned to capture the opportunity in enterprise in order to bring complete focus, alignment, and accountability in our execution,” Liu added.

Liu said Airtable is “well capitalized” and added that “being a lean organization becomes doubly important in times of economic uncertainty”.

This is not the first company to lay off its employees. There are many companies who have been following the same procedure for a common reason which is to save funds and earn profits and thereby save the company from losses. The economic meltdown is not working well for companies all around the world. Companies like Twitter and Snapchat have fired a lot of their staff in the past few months due to such issues.

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About Airtable

For people who do not know much about the company, this article is here to give you all the information you need to know. The company, Airtable has been built on the principle that software should not control the users, but users should control how the software works. The aim of the company is to help make software available to everyone so that they can fulfill their needs. They can do whatever they want to do with it, and accomplish their goals without facing any trouble. The platform is extremely popular among people and is used by people for a variety of tasks such as filmmaking and cattle tracking. The platform works in a very unique manner and creates a link between the person, data, and the workflows of the organization.” Airtable just keeps growing, and user-friendliness is its secret power. It’s the tool you want to use.” said Zack Packer from Hearst.