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Mahindra to Expand Capital Expenditure by Rs.3300 Crores Due to Capacity Constraints
The group on the 31st of May announced that the company’s share price hit a record high


Mahindra & Mahindra recently came out to announce that the conglomerate will be increasing their capital expenditure by Rs. 3,300 crores. This will mainly be injected into their autos and farm equipment companies so that they can take on the rising demand and constraints on their volume. This announcement was made by Mr. Manoj Bhat who is the chief financial officer of the conglomerate.

This decision was made so that the group can hit the target they have set for 2024. According to their data, their current production numbers would have led them to fall short of this target, and they acted swiftly to make sure they can attain their goal.

The group had an original capital expenditure goal of Rs. 17,000 crores. Although, that remains unchanged, the group has upped their capital expenditure volume by Rs. 2900 crores for their autos while for their agricultural equipment production, Rs. 400 crores worth of capital expenditure was increased.

The managing director of the conglomerate, Mr. Anish Shah said that the group has decided to go down on their funding to their subsidiaries as they have started this financial year with a healthy net profit. With a profit, there will be a positive cash flow within companies and hence can generate their own fundings.

From the financial years of 2022-23 and 2023-24, the group has set a goal Rs. 2500 crores in profit and the group have already earned over Rs. 500 crores.

Over the past few months, Mahindra & Mahindra has been doing very well and the group has grown leaps and bounds and even their international operations have seen major success. The group on the 31st of May announced that the company’s share price hit a record high which is a major achievement for any publicly listed company. The share price of Mahindra & Mahindra currently stands at Rs. 1055 per share.

Mr. Anish Shah went on to say that there are many things they cannot control and they will have to be subject to the mercy of the free market. But what they can control is to ensure a strong and healthy performance and operations and even prove themselves and succeed in the fields they are currently operating in. performance and quality is what the company and control and that is what they focus on.

Everything Mahindra touches seems to be turning into gold and they are on track to attain their 2024 goals.



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