Meta Asks Its Employees To Find New Opportunities
Meta Asks Its Employees To Find New Opportunities

Major tax-filing websites secretly share income data with Meta

According to recent reports, major tax filing websites secretly share income data with Meta. A detailed report is sent by many of the online e-filing services to Meta. These companies are H&R Block, TaxSlayer, and TaxAct, and the tool used by them to give this information to Meta is Meta Pixel. This tool has been provided by Meta itself so that the information can be transferred conveniently. Read the entire article to learn more about this news piece.

About the transfer of sensitive financial information

According to Meta, it prohibits businesses from sharing “information about an individual’s financial account or status.” This rule didn’t stop two businesses from sharing income information.

“Advertisers should not send sensitive information about people through our business tools,” Meta’s spokesperson told Ars. “Doing so is against our policies and we educate advertisers on properly setting up business tools to prevent this from occurring. Our system is designed to filter out potentially sensitive data it is able to detect.”

“Consistent with our privacy policy we may share some non-tax return information, such as username, with marketing partners to deliver a better customer experience,” Heineman, Intuit spokesperson, told Ars. “For example, if an individual clicks on a TurboTax ad on Facebook and creates an Intuit account or signs into their account, Meta Pixel allows us to no longer show advertisements to the individual. While we have been consistent with our privacy policy, we have modified the implementation of Meta Pixel to ensure that moving forward username is not transmitted.”

As per the reports provided by Markup, the companies that share such sensitive information with Meta are at risk of going to jail or paying heavy fines. Upon more investigation, Markup found that many companies had customized the tool provided by Meta in order to share sensitive information with them.


About Meta

Meta is the parent company of Facebook and it also owns Instagram and Whatsapp. The aim of the company is to connect people and help them build meaningful connections no matter how far they live. They aim to build a solid digital world for people to express themselves in the most realistic way possible. The company has been in the news recently because like all tech giants, it has gone through a tough time due to which it had to lay off thousands of employees. This is happening due to an economic meltdown and all the companies are trying to cut down their losses and stabilize themselves.